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What Is Solavei? Visit this link to learn more:

Get Unlimited 4G data for 3 great prices, depending on what you use.

Prices start at $39 a month for 500MB of High-speed data, to $69 a month for 4GB of High-speed data.

Use any T-mobile (or AT&T*) phone, or any GSM unlocked phone.

*Some AT&T phones do not work with Solavei. (For reference, please visit the webpage and click on "Bring Your Own Phone" to see if your phone qualifies! You could start service even sooner if it works!)

Earn rewards when you share with others. Want a free cell phone bill? Refer any 3 people and you'll get $20 off your monthly bill, every month, as long as they remain customers. You could potentially earn $100's for referring people over.

Get unlimited calls, voice, and text with ever data plan! Never worry about overage charges, cancellation fees, or 2-year contract again! Solavei is a pay as you go, month-to-month, service. There is no fee for cancelling your service, or reactivating it.

Shop t-mobile phones, or bring your own over. Solavei works with any T-Mobile phone, as they are the preferred partner in coverage. All you must do is switch the sim card to a Solavei sim card and activate and you're already using 4G speeds.

Check us out! Visit this link:

Follow the link above to find out more about Solavei, thier phones, coverage, and plans. Find the one that is right for you, and get started today! You can also call me at 385-244-7727 if you have any questions about coverage. Thank you!

Shawn Ian Contreras