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Professional, Salt Lake City movers serving all of Utah. We are one of the most affordable Utah moving companies as of 2011 and 2012 and are the only Gephardt Approved Salt Lake City movers! 7 Brothers Moving Company has been moving clients all throughout Utah since 2006. As Utah movers we know our customers and take pride in serving them. We have twice been selected business of the month and are also one of the highest rated Utah moving companies by the Better Business Bureau of Utah.

We decided to start this business after moving quite a bit ourselves, and seeing there was a need for honest, hard-working home movers in Utah at affordable pricing. We wanted to offer similar, high quality moves as the large national companies, but at the affordability of the local companies. We feel we have succeeded in this. We are proud of what we have done, and look forward to continued success and grown in the “moving companies Utah” industry. http://www.gephardtapproved.com/directory/moving/7-brothers-moving

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Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm

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Terrible experience. Movers showed up late and unprepared (they were supposed to provide boxes), took extensive smoking (and not just cigaretts, based on the smell) and lunch breaks, packed inefficiently and unprofessionally (when we unpacked, we realized they'd taken the time to pack each individual piece of our flatware in its own 3'x3' piece of packing paper--not even nice silverware, just everyday flatware--I guess that's what you get when they know they're being paid hourly), lost our phone number to call us to let them in the new house and just sat there waiting until we figured out something was wrong, mislabeled boxes and did not put them in the correct place in our new home, tore up our crib mattress and refused to adequately reimburse us (Alex, the manager to whom we spoke, offered us a $3 reimbursement), and did not put our furniture back together correctly. Unprofessional, irresponsible, extremely inefficient, and will not work with you to resolve errors.


Frustrated and Disappointed

by on

I seleceted this moving company because they were local, had great reviews, and were Gephardt Approved -- I honestly felt that held some value! There were two young men that worked very hard the entire move. The other 4, including the foreman were slow, UNTRAINED (the words of the Foreman), and complained how heavy everything was the entire move. Multiple pieces of my wood furniture were damaged in the move. they chose to 'fix' these items. HORRIBLE IDEA! Once a piece of wood furniture is damaged the integrity of the piece is never the same. I had multiple dings in my walls - because when you move furniture you want to use the walls like a bumper. The worst offense was the damage they did to my two beautiful Eurocave Wine Refrigerators. I spent weeks trying to find someone certified to repair them and in the end they only paid the sixty cent valuation fee to cover ONE of them - this doesn't even begin to cover the damage done. I don't know how they still have the Gephardt approval.


Highly recommend

by on

I normally don't post reviews, but after relying on everyone else's comments, I thought I better add my recommendation for 7 Brothers Moving. Our moving team of Kolbey, Austin, George and Colton were on time and hard working from the moment they arrived. They were also polite and friendly. The office staff knew what it would take to move our size house. Other movers had lower quoted hourly rates, but only one truck. 7 Brothers recommended 4 movers and 2 trucks so we could do the move from SLC to Lehi in one trip. So glad they did, the other companies would have cost a lot more to do a second trip and added to what was already a long day! These guys made the heavy lifting seem easy and even went the extra mile to remove a particulalry difficult handrail that blocked the couch exit from the basement! They protected walls, wrapped furniture and then put it all together again at the new home. Use 7 Brothers, you won't be dissappointed!



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I recently used 7 Brother's Moving company for my move. Their office team, Marie and Jerrica, were professional and polite whenever I dealt with them. I didn't think I'd need 2 trucks for my move, but they recommended I take them anyway as I needed 4 movers for my sized house. I watched the movers carefully fill the first truck, and then carefully fill the second. There was no wasted space and I definitely needed two trucks! Their moving team, Kevin, Jeff, Jayson and Brad worked very hard and were totally on the ball. They were careful with my furniture and made sure to wrap everything and protect my door frames and my items. I would recommend their team to anyone looking for movers, and am glad I chose them over movers that I've used in the past. Also - I read through all their reviews, and was worried about trusting them based only on reviews from KSL. I'm glad I took the risk, as they definitely impressed me with their professionalism and the care they took with my possessions.



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At first I was impressed with 7 Bros. organization and professionalism. However, it took 11 hours to move a small 2 bedroom apartment from Salt Lake to Ogden. At the end of it all I was missing one box that had dishes--part of a dinnerware set and some glassware and a pan. This box never made it to my Ogden destination. When I called to report it, I was told it was probably my fault and they could not help me. They said it was either never packed from my SLC place or never unpacked at my Ogden place despite my telling them I double checked both places. When I moved to SLC initially I used Two Men and a Truck. I paid them around $600.00 for the move. 7 Brothers took 11 hours and cost me well over $1,000.00 I will need to move in a few short months for work. I will NOT be selecting 7 Brothers. Not impressed at all. Frustrated.

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