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Professional, Salt Lake City movers serving all of Utah. We are one of the most affordable Utah moving companies as of 2011 and 2012 and are the only Gephardt Approved Salt Lake City movers! 7 Brothers Moving Company has been moving clients all throughout Utah since 2006. As Utah movers we know our customers and take pride in serving them. We have twice been selected business of the month and are also one of the highest rated Utah moving companies by the Better Business Bureau of Utah.

We decided to start this business after moving quite a bit ourselves, and seeing there was a need for honest, hard-working home movers in Utah at affordable pricing. We wanted to offer similar, high quality moves as the large national companies, but at the affordability of the local companies. We feel we have succeeded in this. We are proud of what we have done, and look forward to continued success and grown in the “moving companies Utah” industry.

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Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 6:00pm

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My mom, elderly, was moving and we only asked them to move the heavy items. It took 10hrs for a 6hr move. They got lost finding the new home and then one of their trucks broke down. I can understand that unforeseen things can happen, it's what transpired after that made this an absolute joke. Upon unloading, her brand new fridge was dented and scratched. The movers said not to worry and management would take care of us. FAR FROM THE TRUTH. In their fine print that they will only insure 60 cents per pound on damaged items. You do the math, that doesn't cover anything of value. To replace the doors that were damaged it would cost almost $600. We got a whole $180! I was hung up on twice when trying to talk to management and Alex couldn't have cared less even though the movers admitted that it was their fault. We reached out to the owners and had the same response and they also hung up. We didn't get any kind of compensation for their truck breaking down and the inconvenience it caused.


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What a disappointment! I called and described our move and was told they would send 3 movers and the job would take 3-4 hours. What nonsense. The 3 bantam-weight guys they sent did not weigh 300 pounds combined! They did work hard, but because they were not big enough and strong enough, it took longer to move everything and they constantly struggled getting heavy items through halls, doorways, etc., banging and gouging walls as they went (and no, they did not bother to pad doorways). I had been assured that they could move my gun safe, but the "supervisor" tried to tell me it was too big (probably because he couldn't move it away from the wall). After I moved it away from the wall and directed and helped these 3 "professional movers" the job got done. In fact I did at least 25% of the work of this move and it still took almost 7 hours! NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE THIS COMPANY! (and so-much for the phony "Gephardt Approved" rating)


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I chose this company because it was Gephardt approved. I will never use them or refer them to anyone. My furniture is damaged. 7 hours to move 2 blocks. Ridiculous. Smoke breaks, the foreman talking on his cell phone all day. This place is a scam. They drag it out so you pay every last dollar you have. I called and talked to Alex. He said "What do you want?" Really?? How about I want what I paid for. On the Gephardt approved website it promises a lot of stuff. I got nothing but crap. Slow, untrained unprofessional movers. It was obvious they didn't want to be there. I had to babysit. They even left their tools and blankets here. I will be writing a letter to the BBB and I will make sure the owner of the company is well aware of the problem.

Horrible company

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I. Regret hiring this company I would advise anyone who dos not want to go through the headache' of unprofessional individuals moving your belongings around like there Worthless prices of garbage I. Went with Arms moving last time we moved and they were Great.I trusted my husband to book a company. And he went with cheap instead of quality anyway sorry to ramble on do not use these. Guys I would recommend arms moving but there is plenty of good company's out there I'm not trying To bash you guys just was not impressed with the service hopefully other people have better experiences.


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Terrible experience. Movers showed up late and unprepared (they were supposed to provide boxes), took extensive smoking (and not just cigaretts, based on the smell) and lunch breaks, packed inefficiently and unprofessionally (when we unpacked, we realized they'd taken the time to pack each individual piece of our flatware in its own 3'x3' piece of packing paper--not even nice silverware, just everyday flatware--I guess that's what you get when they know they're being paid hourly), lost our phone number to call us to let them in the new house and just sat there waiting until we figured out something was wrong, mislabeled boxes and did not put them in the correct place in our new home, tore up our crib mattress and refused to adequately reimburse us (Alex, the manager to whom we spoke, offered us a $3 reimbursement), and did not put our furniture back together correctly. Unprofessional, irresponsible, extremely inefficient, and will not work with you to resolve errors.

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