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Abc Towing

(801) 484-8537

Salt Lake City, UT 84081

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Terrible Customer Service

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I called about 8 am on a Sunday after hitting a curb in a snow storm which rendered my car undriveable. The ad said 24 hour service, but the man told me to call back around 12 or 1. I said, your ad says you have 24 hour service. He proceeded to yell at me saying, "**** lady, it's Sunday morning. I'll come tow you right now for $200." He was still yelling when I hung up. Instead, I called Speedy Towing (801) 619-1111. They arrived in about 20 minutes and couldn't have been nicer. Call Speedy Towing instead!



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I am a female who needed emergency assistance on a Sunday night after my car broke down. I walked home and called ABC Towing because they were located fairly close by. The driver told me he would pick up my car in 30 minutes and would call when he was on his way. One hour later I called to check on what was going on and the creep told me he stopped for a drink and that I needed to be patient. He then went off saying he had problems too and didn't need people like me bothering him. How does this company stay in business??? Must be because of people like me who are unable to read reviews before calling. Very disturbing experience.



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READ THE REVIEWS ON KSL & GOOGLE COMPANY IS ACCUSED OF STEALING MEDICATION FROM SOMEONES CAR & THREATENING A PREGNANT WOMAN AND SAYING "YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE A****** WHO KNOCKED YOU UP ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD" & "IF SHE WERE TO SHOW UP AT HIS SHOP (to get her receipt) HE WOULD "KICK HER F**** A**" I needed my 1978 Trans Am towed to a shop Found them online "$60 DOLLAR TOWING" Called & the guy was rude. Thought, ok no big deal as long as I get my car to the shop He said "Will cost you $75" I POLITELY replied "But your add on the internet says $60 towing?" He then became angry &yelled "WHATEVER HAVE A NICE DAY" Then he HUNG UP ON ME I called back to speak to a manager. Wouldnt answer. Text messaged the number that it says to on the VM. Guy replied & said"IM NOT INTERESTED & DONT FEEL LIKE TOWING YOUR OLD CAR FOR FOR $60 ON A SATURDAY!" Unstable! He is STILL txting me he is in the right because I asked a question about the price &that he said I quote "shouldn't be complaining"



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I called ABC Towing to get my car towed cause it broke down in west valley, the second they called they were Jerks. They told me they were still in their pajamas, and unlike some people, they have to work at night. Then the guy had the nerve to ask me ***** was wrong with my voice. I have cancer and my voice is gone, and they said, are you sick, do you have a cold, are you contagious, if you were to get a ride from my crew, would they get sick. I'm sorry, but that's inappropriate. I recommend that NOONE goes through them so they go out of business, that is the worst customer service experience I've ever dealt with ANYBODY, then they hung up on me. There was nothing positive about this company, and I have never felt so insulted in my entire life. If I could give them negative stars I would...


The worker here is nuts!

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I called to get my car towed because it wouldn't start. It was about 8 in the morning, and their website advertises 24 hour service. I called the numbers on their website several times before a groggy-sounding man answered. I told him I needed my car towed. He asked where it was located and I told him it was near the SLC airport. He started screaming at me, shouting "What the **** is it doing by the airport? Are you ****ing crazy?" I politely explained that my work was located by the airport and that the car broke down at my work. I asked him if this would be a problem, and he continued yelling, and asked me when I was expecting a tow. I told him that I would like it towed as soon as he was able, and he again screamed at me, saying "It's 8 in the morning! Do you really expect me to come out to the airport this early and just tow your car whenever you want?" I had had enough, so I told him to go **** off, and hung up on him. The guy was irrationally enraged!!! Do not use this company!

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