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Salt Lake City, UT 84081

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I called ABC Towing to get my car towed cause it broke down in west valley, the second they called they were Jerks. They told me they were still in their pajamas, and unlike some people, they have to work at night. Then the guy had the nerve to ask me ***** was wrong with my voice. I have cancer and my voice is gone, and they said, are you sick, do you have a cold, are you contagious, if you were to get a ride from my crew, would they get sick. I'm sorry, but that's inappropriate. I recommend that NOONE goes through them so they go out of business, that is the worst customer service experience I've ever dealt with ANYBODY, then they hung up on me. There was nothing positive about this company, and I have never felt so insulted in my entire life. If I could give them negative stars I would...


The worker here is nuts!

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I called to get my car towed because it wouldn't start. It was about 8 in the morning, and their website advertises 24 hour service. I called the numbers on their website several times before a groggy-sounding man answered. I told him I needed my car towed. He asked where it was located and I told him it was near the SLC airport. He started screaming at me, shouting "What the **** is it doing by the airport? Are you ****ing crazy?" I politely explained that my work was located by the airport and that the car broke down at my work. I asked him if this would be a problem, and he continued yelling, and asked me when I was expecting a tow. I told him that I would like it towed as soon as he was able, and he again screamed at me, saying "It's 8 in the morning! Do you really expect me to come out to the airport this early and just tow your car whenever you want?" I had had enough, so I told him to go **** off, and hung up on him. The guy was irrationally enraged!!! Do not use this company!


Awesome customer service

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I had a flat tire and while I was putting the spare on the car fell off of the jack right onto the rotor. I called them thinking it would need to get towed but they recommended that they send someone else to put the tire on since my jack broke when the car fell. This was the cheaper option so I agreed and with in ~45 min they had someone at my house. He said that putting the spare on there would be a much better option as towing it with the way it was parked could damage the car. He quickly put the spare on and I told him i thought I would have to replace the rotor and that I would probably need all 4 new tires. He said that the rotor looked fine and that my three remaining tires had enough tread and no rot. This company not only saved me money from buying car parts I didn't need but they also saved me money from paying their own business more for towing rather than just helping me with the spare. I will definitely call them again the next time I am in a jam.


Their $60 towing isn't actually $60

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Called ABC Towing on a Monday, spoke with one of their employees. I explained that I purchased a car that was at a storage facility and it needed to be towed to the business that I was having work on the car. He quoted me "around $60-65. I asked him if I could schedule a time and he said "No problem". Long story short, I called couple days later, spoke with another man and he rudely asked multiple questions, questioned the legitimacy of how I own the car, tried to tell me they would need extra people to come to move the car etc etc. I explained everything would be out of the unit, ready to roll on the flat-bed, and I would have people there to do so. He then said it would be $75, I explained I had been quoted less than that, he acted as if he didn't care, I offered to meet him at $70 (out of principle), he then continued his rude abrasiveness. Told me thanks for calling and hung up. This is the first review I have written on a business, had he been courteous I would have paid the $75.


Don't use!

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I was rudely hung up on and told they were not interested in helping me and that I should go somewhere else. I was asking for a quick tow to the dealer, about one mile. I am not sure why they answered me that way but I had used ABC once before and they were great to me. Nonetheless, I believe the other comments listed below since I was rudely treated in the similar manner and will not be using them again.

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