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Abc Towing

(801) 484-8537

Salt Lake City, UT 84081

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Just passing by a company truck on the street

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My interaction with this company was in passing. I was driving up 4th south about 1100 East on 9/19/2015. The tow truck driver was walking along side his truck and slowly walked farther and farther into my lane of travel. As I passed he yelled "Just ***** king hit me!". Then gave me the bird. Then a double bird and then began jumping up and down while grabbing his crotch and gyrating his hips in the middle of the lane with 3 cars behind him waiting to pass.

very reasonable and great and quick service

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Had my car lose a front axle, ball joint and spindle and my regular mechanic didnt have the equipment to get it towed. The first company wanted to charge me $130 for a shorter tow, ABC charged $68 to go a longer distance. When I called there had been a freeway accident and Peter said he would be 45 mins to an hour. He actually was there in 30 mins. Was very careful with my car, Very helpful and delivered it in a very timely fashion. I never really write reviews but this service was the best towing I have ever had its so good not to be met by a rip off artist


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We were travelling through the Salt Lake area and our vehicle broke down. We called this company because it was 24 hour and it was the first name to pop up on our phone. The truck driver was very kind and helpful. The next day when I called to find out where our vehicle was to retrieve our belongings, I was yelled at and told that he didn't need me "ragging" on him and he was towing my vehicle somewhere else. I only spoke to him in a calm tone and did not deserve to be yelled at like that. When my husband called to find out where it was so that we could move on with our road trip he was sworn at and hung up on. It took hours for them to tow our vehicle somewhere else and then to tell us where it was. This company is horrible. I don't know how they are still in business. Save yourself some heart ache and DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY.

Yep, HORRIBLE, just as previously stated!!

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DON'T EVEN TRY CALLING!! Somehow comes up as the first site in a Google search. Advertised as a 24-hr towing service. Placed call at 5:40am after my car had broke down and was yelled at by the man who answered the phone. I apologized and said I thought I had called a 24-hr towing company, so I'm very sorry (assuming the listing was wrong). The rude man then said "Call back in an hour! We're sleeping!". Wow. Just. Wow. Not sure how this individual has a business. Horrible. Needless to say, I did not call back at his convenience.


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-ZERO STARS- Not worth even calling... I called to see about having a car towed that was illegally parked and what I could do about it. The person who answered was a complete jerk and proceeded to lecture for calling and then hung up on me. I called back to see if it was an accident on his part, but nooope, he didn't even answer the phone. Not worth the phone call.

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