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Abc Towing

(801) 484-8537

Salt Lake City, UT 84081

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Yep, HORRIBLE, just as previously stated!!

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DON'T EVEN TRY CALLING!! Somehow comes up as the first site in a Google search. Advertised as a 24-hr towing service. Placed call at 5:40am after my car had broke down and was yelled at by the man who answered the phone. I apologized and said I thought I had called a 24-hr towing company, so I'm very sorry (assuming the listing was wrong). The rude man then said "Call back in an hour! We're sleeping!". Wow. Just. Wow. Not sure how this individual has a business. Horrible. Needless to say, I did not call back at his convenience.



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-ZERO STARS- Not worth even calling... I called to see about having a car towed that was illegally parked and what I could do about it. The person who answered was a complete jerk and proceeded to lecture for calling and then hung up on me. I called back to see if it was an accident on his part, but nooope, he didn't even answer the phone. Not worth the phone call.



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So it was back on 12/17/14 and it was like 9:45am and i called for them to have my car towed, I then called back around 10:30am to see if they were on their way and the guy said that he was and that he had gotten a bit busy but he was on his way. Around 11:05am they guy shows up and picks up my car from my job site. I thanked him for what he did and followed him to the car shop. He asked me what was wrong with my car and I told him. The tow truck driver then helps to fix my car and get it starting again and showed me what was wrong with my car and how to fix it. He saved me several hundred dollars. The tow costed $64 bucks. I wanted to tip the guy but he wouldn't accept the tip. U don't know about the rest of these reviews but ABC towing is amazing. They really turned around their business. The bad thing I can say that happened was the wait time, other then that a great business.


Terrible Customer Service

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I called about 8 am on a Sunday after hitting a curb in a snow storm which rendered my car undriveable. The ad said 24 hour service, but the man told me to call back around 12 or 1. I said, your ad says you have 24 hour service. He proceeded to yell at me saying, "**** lady, it's Sunday morning. I'll come tow you right now for $200." He was still yelling when I hung up. Instead, I called Speedy Towing (801) 619-1111. They arrived in about 20 minutes and couldn't have been nicer. Call Speedy Towing instead!



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I am a female who needed emergency assistance on a Sunday night after my car broke down. I walked home and called ABC Towing because they were located fairly close by. The driver told me he would pick up my car in 30 minutes and would call when he was on his way. One hour later I called to check on what was going on and the creep told me he stopped for a drink and that I needed to be patient. He then went off saying he had problems too and didn't need people like me bothering him. How does this company stay in business??? Must be because of people like me who are unable to read reviews before calling. Very disturbing experience.

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