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On-Site Computer repair serving Salt Lake and Utah County. All work guaranteed for 30 days. Call Mike at 801-466-1505. We want to be your computer help whenever you need it. Seek honesty and personal attention when getting your computer fixed. Your files are important. We'll also advise on usage and safe browsing.

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Affordable Computer Repair

$50.00 in-house repair. Call for details.

Details: $50.00 in-house appointment and free antivirus included. Call us.

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Very good

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I called him after reading the other reviews on here. I am always a little hesitant but called him anyway. Was having problems hooking to the internet on my laptop WiFi. He came and went through my laptop and my desktop. He got them to speed up and start up so fast that I don't have time to get a drink of water. He removed the anti viruses and the other stuff that was slowing it down, especially the video skipping like it was. I talked to him about upgrading my desktop. I told him what I wanted and he agreed to build it for me when my funds are available. What he basically quoted, no one in the valley could match. I have recommended him to other people. If in doubt, don't be. He does excellent work for a very reasonable price.

Very informative and knowledgable

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Since we hired Mike to troubleshoot our company’s computers he's proven to be very efficient and knowledgeable. We’ve received service fast when we needed it, same day most of the time. Whenever we make a mistake, Mike is always there to fix it. He won't answer if he's with a client, but that works for us, as we want his attention when he's on location.

Awesome and Trustworthy

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I couple years back I bought multiple laptops from them. They were friendly and hardworking. When I saw they now have a KSL business spot I wanted to return the favor by leaving an excellent review. - they also answered the many questions I had about what it takes what they did, and they spent the time to educate me. Very appreciative.

Fast, Efficient, Affordable

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I was a little uncertain about calling Mike without having a personal referral but he was great. He corrected some issues on our PC and MAC and got our printer connected to both computers again. I paid him up front and THEN let him take my PC tower for repair over the weekend. He was going to deliver it Monday but when he didn't come by, I got a little nervous. Turns out he had a serious kidney stone. He came by the following day (clearly not feeling a 100%) and finished setting up everything. We will use him again and will definitely send him referrals. Thanks, Mike!

Incredible Service!

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I am used to laptops bottoming out after a couple years of my hard use and I generally just go out and get another one at Costco. My Acer laptop had been overheating and shutting down pretty regularly for months and then took a turn for the worse right before we left on a month long trip. I called Mike and he was able to come pick it up same day. I was a bit worried about handing my laptop over to someone who could just drive away and never come back, but Mike was great! The next day I picked up my laptop and it was like brand new! Turns out that the fan had disconnected from the vent, so instead of pushing hot air out, it was just recirculating it within the laptop. Laptop hasn't shut down once since and it's been a month and a half. Very affordable pricing!

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