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 We customize in chicken coops,sheds, flight pens, rabbit hutches,kids furniture,grow boxes,goat housing,horse shelters, anything you can dream we can build. 

Hours of Operations

Monday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00am - 6:00pm

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When my coop did not arrive when promised I was disappointed but thought hmm a few days is not bad then it went a week and I got scared. I read the reviews on here and got all freaked out. I ended up calling John to see what the problem was and he told me he was sick so I cut him so slack. When it did not come on the next "promised" date I got mad but he ended up taking my call as I vented deep frustration. I did end up getting my coop, I loved it. It was late but they did keep me informed the entire time. I liked it so much I ended up getting a feeder box from them also. Guess what? It came late to. One thing to remember is they are a little one mad band knocking it all out. If some thing happens it throws him behind a day, then every one else a day. I love the coop, my neighbors love the coop, my family loves the coop. I recommend the coop! I do agree waiting sucks but they came through, and I love the coop. When you buy just be safe and add a couple weeks on to the due date.


John Dansie doesn't deliver.

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Don't believe the apology. I found this guy on facebook and Etsy by a different name "customoutbuildings" ... so I didn't realize until too late It's not too many orders, it's their bad way of doing business. I ordered and paid (via Etsy) on June 7 2014, was promised delivery on June 20, 2014. It is now July 27 2014 and in spite of being ignored when I called or sent messages, then told many different dates and finally two GUARANTEED dates, I still have no coop. Asked why today's date wasn't meet, John Dansie said, "I didn't feel like it". Asked for my money back, they've already spent it.


Apology explanation

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We want to respond to all the negative reviews we have received. We NEVER set out to scam or take advantage of ANYONE!! Businesses go under all the time we were a small backyard business and just grew way to big way to fast. We had some financial issues that sent us into a tail spin and just couldn't recover. We have built and delivered hundreds of chicken coops,25 + sheds,20 + aviary's,14 rabbit hutches,30 + dog houses,15 + rabbit hutches and countless children's items with each and every customer completely satisfied with their product and quality of product. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that was caused by our bankruptcy. We are working on refunding all customers that didn't receive their products in good faith. We have lost everything and are starting over from nothing,its not like were sitting in Hawaii drinking mi ti's!! I now live in a 1 bedroom apt and am driving a borrowed car. Once again we sincerely apologize for the situation.



by on

They have stolen $800 for the material down payment and have gone MIA. Along with the last 4 stolen reviews. I am trying to track down other victims to get a criminal case against John and Bryan. My number is 801-949-1740. Please call so we can get more victims involved. The scam has got to stop.



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Called on April 22 to order a custom chicken coop. Was told it would take about 5 weeks. After that time had passed we contacted then and were told they were not scheduled to start our coop until the week of June 17th! Thereafter, we were lied to repeatedly about the progress of our order, when it would be ready, etc. Also, they never once called to tell of progress or delays. In fact, many of our attempts to contact went unanswered. After 2 months we finally had to go elsewhere to get a coop. We repeatedly asked for pics to prove any sort of progress they claimed but those requests went unanswered. Finally, we were told they were broke and they could not even give us a refund. The BBB of Utah has 2 complaints similar to myself and others here. Their website is now gone. Dishonest, unreliable and unprofessional. They basically just stole $565 from us without any attempts at reaching a satisfactory agreement.

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