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 We customize in chicken coops,sheds, flight pens, rabbit hutches,kids furniture,grow boxes,goat housing,horse shelters, anything you can dream we can build. 

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Monday 9:00am - 9:00pm
Tuesday - Sunday 9:00am - 6:00pm

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Best Coop Ever

by on

I have been asked on several occasions "Who built your fabulous coop?" When Salt Lake Animal Control comes to inspect my coop yearly they tell me I have one of the best coops they have ever seen. John Dansie, of All Cooped Up built and delivered the coop in April 2011. It is still in perfect conditions. My hens love the coop, my kids love the coop, my husband loves the coop and my neighbors love the coop. Yes, it took extra time to build. Yes, it took longer than expected but it was WELL WORTH THE WAIT! I was prompted to write this review when I saw the negative comments when I was referring my niece to this company to have her coop built. I would have John build me another coop if I needed to, but I don't need to because the first coop was and still is phenomenal. If you want happy hens, choose this company.

Where's my money?

by on

I ordered a chicken coop which I really liked. I then ordered a rabbit hutch and paid the deposit in advance. Due to problems with his truck, he was very backed up which forced me to cancel my order. John said he would refund my money in a few weeks, but not only have I not received my money, he will not return my phone calls and emails. It takes a lot of trust to give an advance payment when you really don't know them. Finally, I am writing this review in hopes that I can spare someone else the disappointment and theft of funds.

I got a great coop...

by on

I have read a few of the other reviews. I just tried to get a hold of John but the number isn't working. I got a coop from them in Summer of 2013 and didn't have one single problem with them and I absolutely love the coop they built but now I have a couple questions for him but seems like they might be in some trouble. Bummer...


by on

When my coop did not arrive when promised I was disappointed but thought hmm a few days is not bad then it went a week and I got scared. I read the reviews on here and got all freaked out. I ended up calling John to see what the problem was and he told me he was sick so I cut him so slack. When it did not come on the next "promised" date I got mad but he ended up taking my call as I vented deep frustration. I did end up getting my coop, I loved it. It was late but they did keep me informed the entire time. I liked it so much I ended up getting a feeder box from them also. Guess what? It came late to. One thing to remember is they are a little one mad band knocking it all out. If some thing happens it throws him behind a day, then every one else a day. I love the coop, my neighbors love the coop, my family loves the coop. I recommend the coop! I do agree waiting sucks but they came through, and I love the coop. When you buy just be safe and add a couple weeks on to the due date.

John Dansie doesn't deliver.

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Don't believe the apology. I found this guy on facebook and Etsy by a different name "customoutbuildings" ... so I didn't realize until too late It's not too many orders, it's their bad way of doing business. I ordered and paid (via Etsy) on June 7 2014, was promised delivery on June 20, 2014. It is now July 27 2014 and in spite of being ignored when I called or sent messages, then told many different dates and finally two GUARANTEED dates, I still have no coop. Asked why today's date wasn't meet, John Dansie said, "I didn't feel like it". Asked for my money back, they've already spent it.

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