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Utah's Leader in Pest Control and Pest Managment Services 

Got Bugs?  Our customer's don't! Through our Pest Control services All Green will rid your home of all unwanted pests.  

All Green Pest Control & Lawn Care is the best choice for your family’s pest service needs. We specialize in types of spiders in Utah, and other pests you want to keep out like ants, crickets, roaches, box elder bugs, and many more.

Why should I have a pest control service?

Pests are constantly trying to get into your home.  Pests will find their way into your home any way they can, looking for food, water, and shelter.  They keep out of sight, preferring dark areas such as the inside of walls.

When you see one or two, it's usually a sign of a larger population somewhere in or around your home.

Spiders are the best indicator of other resident pests; as they are only found in places where they have a food source, meaning other bugs.

Pest Control:

All Green specializes in controlling: Ants, Crickets, Spiders, Wasps, Earwigs, Mice, Voles, and many other house hold pests through our Pest Control Services. Your premium service includes:

  • Exterior foundation Power Spray, walkways, patios, driveway, fence lines
  • Exterior Granular treatment for landscape areas around your home
  • Exterior "de-webbing" for major cob webbs, wasp nests and egg sacks
  • Interior spray to eliminate pests that find their way in to your home
  • A full service warranty that includes servicing your home for free at any time during the warranty period
  • Professional service conducted by a well trained and friendly technician

Add Services: 

All Green also offers premium Lawn Fertilizer and Weed Control, including treatments Spring Greening, Preemergent, Bill Bug/Grub Control, Post Emergent, Winterizer, and common Weed and Feed applications.

Call now for a free no hassle quote. 801.477.1289

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All Green Pest Control And Lawn Care

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Great Lawn Care

by on

These guys are great! We will always keep using them because our lawn looks better than ever. Great service, at a great price!

Get it done

by on

These guys are great! They came right away when I called and gave me an accurate assessment. They laid out a plan for me of how I could get some of the issues I'm having at my property under control and showed me how it would be safer my children thanks so much guys!

Great Company!

by on

I have used All Green for my pest and lawn control for the past year and they have been super easy to work with and provide an excellent service. I would recommend them to anyone! Tanner Brown Springville, Utah

yard service

by on

I couldn't be happier with the service provided by Jared at All Green. High Class all the way! Very impressed with how they treat new clients.

Overall good company

by on

Our lawn was a little more complicated... it was very sparse, so we were told it would be good to spray for weeds a couple times, then seed it, then wait until the next spring/summer to do the other 6 treatments. Unfortunately, communication with AG was not always great; it did not get passed on to do only 2 treatments the first summer, so they came and did a third treatment even after I talked to them about it; after that we put down seeds and they sprayed again for weeds when I told them not to, which could have killed the seeds. So, not happy with communication, but they did give me half off one treatment for the confusion. I do love that they will come and respray for weeds if they aren't dying or if it was raining too much for them to spray originally. Overall, our grass is much fuller (mostly due to watering more and seeding), but it also has much less weeds and is greener, so it looks much better!

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