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All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care knows what it takes to get rid of those pesky weeds and put the green back in your grass.

All Green offers basic and premium packages that are both cost effective and efficient in greening your grass and removing weeds. Each spray is designed to help increase strength, health and "greenness" in your grass while controlling the weed population.

Free quotes are available and prices are specific on the size of your lawn. Upon signing up for seasonal service, mention this ad and receive your first service for only $1

Our customers are happy, don't you want to be? Call today for a free no hassle quote 801.477.1289

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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm

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All Green Pest Control And Lawn Care

Offer code: Pet Friendly. Get the greenest lawn and remove all your weeds.

Sign up for seasonal service and get your 1st service for only $1

Details: Sign up for seasonal service and get your first service for only $1.

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I got worms!!!

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Our lawn was covered in tiny holes everywhere and they were able to get someone out the same day I called. Very knowledgeable, will definitely use them again


Great product, and awesome customer service!

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We have been so impressed with All Greens Pest Control. We have used them for years, at multiple addresses, and have always had stellar customer service as well as getting the results we expected. They offer a free respray within 90 days if you aren't satisfied or start seeing bugs, but we've never had to use the respray because the initial spray has always done what they claim and kept the bugs out. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for pest control at a VERY reasonable price. Thanks All Green!!


pest control

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They are the best! If you ever have a need and they need to come back to do a re spray they are fast and on the ball! Before we had them, we had found 4 black widows, I haven't seen them since and that is peace of mind. Suzi-122


BEST lawn care and pest control ever!

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I would recommend these guys any day. My grass doesn't look like crap anymore, I don't have spiders everywhere, and their service is always on time and convenient, not to mention very affordable!!!!!!!! 2511


Great Service

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Can't recommend All Green Pest Control More. I totally forgot about our appointment and wasn't home. I called them and the technician came back on his way home to finish the job. And the spraying has already made a huge impact on our spider problem.

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