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All Green Pest Control and Lawn Care knows what it takes to get rid of those pesky weeds and put the green back in your grass.

All Green offers basic and premium packages that are both cost effective and efficient in greening your grass and removing weeds. Each spray is designed to help increase strength, health and "greenness" in your grass while controlling the weed population.

Free quotes are available and prices are specific on the size of your lawn. Upon signing up for seasonal service, mention this ad and receive your first service for only $1

Our customers are happy, don't you want to be? Call today for a free no hassle quote 801.477.1289


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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - 12:00pm

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All Green Pest Control And Lawn Care

Offer code: Pet Friendly. Get the greenest lawn and remove all your weeds.

Sign up for seasonal service and get your 1st service for only $1

Details: Sign up for seasonal service and get your first service for only $1.

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lawn is green

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my lawn was full of weeds and not very good looking. Hired these guys this spring and I'm very happy with the results. Took a little bit to get rid of my weeds but the guy who sold me my service told me that would happen. I'm planning on using them next season too. so far they've been the best company i've tried.


Very Happy with All Green!

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We have been using All Green at our property for two years now. Their customer service is excellent and the prices are great! Our lawn was in bad shape before they started coming out. We had new sod laid and it had tons of weeds in it. We tried, unsuccessfully, to treat them on our own the first summer, so the next spring, we called All Green. Now, two summers later, the lawn is weed-free, green, healthy, and the nicest-looking on the street. I'd highly recommend All Green! Autumn (102320)


Good results, great customer service

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Have only had one treatment so far, but have already seen a difference in my lawn. And the folks who answer the phones at All Green are second-to-none. Fantastic service over the phone.


My lawn looks amazing!

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At first I was hesitant of All Green Pest Control but honestly after the second application my lawn started looking greener and the weeds started going away! We get comments all the time that our lawn looks so great. We had some flowers accidentally get killed because of the weed spray they use and All Green immediately after hearing my concern reimbursed us for the cost of our plants/flowers. My property backs up to an empty lot in new neighborhood so we were getting weeds like crazy as soon as we started using AG, our back yard hasn't looked better! I am really happy with their services and I'd highly recommend them to anyone. Acct #102250


Great service, great value

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I had grown frustrated with my inability to keep the grass green and weed-free. These guys have been a big help, not only with the lawn treatments, but also with providing advice on things like when and how much to water. Not everything turned picture perfect overnight, but I have noticed very steady improvement over the last few months. I picked them because they were the best value, and I am very happy with the results. I love how much time and work it saves me, not having to pull weeds every time I mow. I highly recommend them.

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