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All My Sons Moving and Storage is family owned and operated with over four generations of moving experience.  Our premier moving and storage company has been in business for over 20 years and in Salt Lake City for 10 years.  We offer full service moving for residential customers and businesses locally and across state lines.  Our services include quilt-pad wrapping of your furniture, disassembly and reassembly of the same and the allowance to leave clothing in your dressers.  We provide white-glove service at its finest.  Our customers can take advantage of our pristine packing and unpacking services.  We assign a moving service coordinator to devise the best move plan for each client.  Our team of All My Sons Moving experts will safely and swiftly load your items to ensure they are secure for the duration of the transport.  We manage every aspect of your move from start to finish.  Our goal is to supply you with the best in cost-effective and supportive service.

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If I could give them negative stars I would, I was quoted 99 an hour for them to come to my house and load my UHaul. They showed up late and then when they finished the job they tried to bill me another hundred dollars for "drive time". When I explained to the manager that I was quoted a flat rate and that did not include me paying 100 dollars for them to drive to my house to load my truck he literally yelled at me over the phone. When I told him I would take him to small claims court he backed down and told me he would remove the hidden bill. I signed a receipt for the original amount but a week later they tried to bill me for that extra 100 dollars. They wouldn't answer the phones and I hounded them until they removed it. These guys prey on people during a stressful period, moving is tough on a family and they are banking on the fact you will just pay the hidden fees rather than go through the hassle of fighting it.


The Worst Moving Company Ever!!!!! DO NOT USE!!!!

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We hired All My Sons to move from WJ to Draper. They promised that they would evaluate the move during the day and send an extra truck if necessary and then didn't. We were then told the truck is full with much more to move and as it was the end of the day, too bad. They scratched our wood flooring in our old house. At the new house they left piles all over the garage. No organization. Expected much more for $1,900! Now we have to hire another moving company to get it right and finish our move. When we called to complain about the poor service and the scratches in the floor, they basically didn't care and on the scratched floor asked if we had before pictures. Really? We assumed they just wouldn't scratch the floors! What we were promised when we hired them was NOT AT ALL what we actually received!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They also hold your items hostage at the delivery end and won't unload until you pay them!


TERRIBLE Experience

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I could not believe who this company sent out to move my furniture. Two young men who were slow and incompetent. I had to help them make common sense decisions but I still ended up with a broken piece of furniture. Completely stressful. They hold your furniture in the truck until you pay so you don't have a chance to examine your furniture until after you pay. The drivers denied breaking the piece of furniture. The owners were not helpful and made things difficult in order to repair the furniture so I decided to hire someone else to do the repair. I would not recommend this company to anyone!!!


VERY Disappointing

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We scheduled an interstate move with the company on June 26th, to be done in late July. As my husband's new company was paying for the move, we read up on the protectyourmove.org site, and asked the company for the Order of Service (must be provided, by law) so that a deposit could be made. After FIVE attempts to obtain the required paperwork, talking to the Operations Manager, L---, and other employees, R------ and M------ (the only helpful one), I never received the documents. I was even told by R------ that they do not provide that document because they combined forms. I don't trust doing something as big as an interstate move on a verbal agreement, nor should I be expected to. This company would not do the honorable thing (like returning ANY emails, or calls when promised, and I gave them my number 3 times) or be transparent (writing out the agreement and providing me a copy) in their deals- consumer be WARY!!! We cancelled our move with them, and will complete it ourselves.


Terrible Service and Owner

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Please let everyone you know how terrible of a company and owner they have. My parents decided they would use this company instead of friends to save everyone the trouble. Boy, were they wrong. They had an appointment for Saturday and the company never showed up. When they talked to someone at the company, they said they would do what they could to get it done, nothing could be done that day so the guy said to get a hotel (company said they would cover) and they would get it done Sunday. Never showed up Sunday, so they stayed at a hotel again. On Monday, they talked to the owner who basically said $150 was the best he could do towards the hotel OR bill because they didn't have to stay at a hotel (all their stuff was packed away) and he was being extremely generous. They were forced into a decision otherwise their belongings were not going to be released. This guy/company is a joke and I would NEVER EVER recommend them to anyone. Save yourself the trouble and hire someone else.

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