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Great Service

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I am very happy to say Allure stands by there motto "customer satisfaction". We had our carpets cleaned with them and it was great. They were professional and very polite. There were no hidden charges from the time i made the apt to the job being complete. A few days after the cleaning we had a spot come up and they happliy returned and re-treated it at NO COST. I was very happy with the cleaning and service. I will gladly come back and use them in the future.



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BEWARE do not use they are very dishonest, Never do what they promise to do and the Owner is a huge Liar. They should not be in Business.



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Totally saturated my carpets and did not remove the water, it took two days to dry, had to have them re-done to get rid of the old/stale smell left behind. They did offer to fix the issue by selling me a chemical treatment to sanitize and deoderize my nine month old carpet that never had a smell before. But I had to pay $70for it. I had another comapny come re-clean my carpet within the week and it smells clean without chemicals or deoderizer! I was treated poorly and they refuse to answer my calls since I told the tech to leave when he came back to rip me off again! 100% satisfaction is on the webpage, I am 100% dissatisified! BBB here I come!


Best carpet company I've ever used

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I have had Allure clean my carpets every six months for the past 2 years and I must say the job is always done perfectly! I have referred them to everyone in my ward and they also do my mothers carpets. The men that come are always polite and professional and I would recommend them to everyone.


Don't get tricked by the "allure" of their coupons

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We received one saying: "$69 / 3 Rooms + Hall or bathroom / L-shaped or rooms over 200 sq. ft. count as two rooms." We brought them over and ended up paying almost $140!!! They cleaned 3 very small rooms that cover about 500 sq. ft. and charged us extra for every step on our stairs. They were lucky that my wife was the only one home because I would have kicked them out of my house for false advertisers and dishonest. Not only that but out of all the carpet cleanings we have ever had, this was by far the worst. The carpet stinks, is still soaking wet after a whole day, and the stair edges are all dirty. DO NOT USE THIS SCAMS!