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The worst customer service ever!



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This company is garbage. I wish KSL wouldn't let them litter their junk though the classified section. Give them their own section with the multiple level marketers.


Please, save yourself

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the trouble and don't buy your appliances from here. Read the reviews. This company will digest your money and give you broken appliances, costing hundreds to fix. They offer the worst warranty ever, 30 days and no service calls. You have to haul the broken appliance back to their warehouse and leave it to be "fixed" by their "technicians".


Great experience

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Bought the first washer and dryer from this place about 5 years ago for my daughter. Both are still working fine. 3 years ago bought a washer and dryer for our rental unit. They are both still still great. We did replace a pipe in the washer that got frozen because the washroom door was left open to the outside in the freezing winter. It cost about $5 to replace. We personally have had great luck with everything we have bought here. With used appliances things can go wrong that you don't expect if they were working when the repair man went through them. I would never take a used appliance from any store if they told me it had not been gone through. I have sent friends here who also had good experiences but the one friend who did have a problem said that they were treated very well and would still go here again. We bought a dishwasher and over-the-range microwave a few months ago. They both work great and look so pretty. I highly recommend this place.


Stay away, stay far away

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I bought an stove here, and the office manager even said they had not tested it, but if it did not work, I could bring it back and they would fix it, or refund me. We got it home, it did not work, called the technician and he said it is broken and we would need to choose a different one or get a refund. I take it back the next day (Saturday), and they said I could get a refund on Monday. I call on Monday to tell them I am coming in for a refund, the owner gets on, and tells me he won't refund me or honor the manager's agreement, and if I come into the store, he is calling the police. I said I would just dispute the charge, and he said he didn't care. I call and dispute the charge (since they had my money and my stove), and it is only after they are notified by the card company of the disputed charge that he had the office manager call me and say they would finally do the refund. Stay away from this company!

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