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ASAP Tree Service is my idea of modern Arboriculture. I believe in planting strong, long lived tree species suitable for our hardiness zone that will add value to all property, especially yours! Other tree species that require constant upkeep should be cared for, and eventually replaced with a better selection. The environment benefits dramatically from trees many attributes. Some of which include: Filters pollution, water and slows traffic. Lowers crime, noise, heat, wind, U.V. damage and erosion, yet increases property value, patient recuperation rates, moods, and local business revenue just to name a few. So we should all plant one tree a year; call us for species selection and up to date planting techniques. No job is too small or too large, we do it all. Have a large removal project? We will call in a crane and safely piece down that large Siberian Elm. I am an ISA Certified Arborist/Tree Worker, and started felling trees 14+ years ago as a Certified Wild Land Fire Fighter/Tree Feller. I have been involved in urban arboriculture ever since. Abiding by the American National Standards Institute Z300 I will correctly prune, plant and care for your trees. ANSI Z300 is the arboriculture standard to whom professionals refer to for the latest science. Call us today and get a professional, ISA Certified Arborist that wants to insure the very long term future of our urban forest. Specifically as decision makers, we need to be educated about species selection. My message is to eradicate fast growing 'trash' trees, and replace them with long lived, hardy, drought tolerant, resistant, vigorous trees suitable for the location and soil condition. For a same day estimate call, text, or email. If I happen to be in a tree, leave your full name, address, phone number and a complete description of the services to be rendered.

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Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 8:00pm

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Fantastic Job!!

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Dennis is everything you would want should you be removing trees. We called him to remove a rather large pine tree from our front yard and when he was half way done we decided he should so another on in our back yard. His bid was extremely reasonable (we have used other services and Dennis is very fair with competitive pricing). After the trees were cut down and taken care of, the lawn was raked, they blew it off after-not a spot was left---completely spotless. He was professional and efficient. I would highly recommend him for any of your tree needs.



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I'm not one to leave a review, but I had such a GREAT EXPERIENCE I had to. To keep it short, I gathered all my estimates I had received and ASAP was right in the middle on pricing. The lowest price I got just seemed to good to be true. i had a feeling the job wouldn't get completed, or something was left out. The Highest Price I got wasn't to much higher then ASAP, but they didn't take the time I would of liked answering and informing me on the questions i had. ASAP did a great Job! I got all the questions answered I needed to. They removed a huge dead tree in my front yard, and shaped up all my hedges. Honestly, when I got home that night my yard looked like it had a face lift. There wasn't a trace that someone was here. They cleaned up that well. Thank you ASAP. I can't wait to use you again.


save this number

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I moved to Utah almost a decade ago, and Asap is the only tree service I have used. Every couple years I update and change my yard some. I looked in the little yellow pages and couldnt find them, since hardly anyone advertises in there anymore. I thought I would have to get a new tree company since I relied on the that book. A friend told me to check out this site and I was reunited. Dennis explained to me it would take a few days to get an estimate and he was about a month out on work. I was more then willing to wait. After all it was my fault not getting a hold of him until this late in the season. This time he removed some large over grown fitzers so we can lay an RV pad. Once the day came to get the job done, his crew showed up ready to work. They completed the job quick. Over the last decade Dennis and his men have always showed up clean, professional, and ready to work. I also really enjoy that watching them for several hours NOT one person stopped to take a smoke brake.


Thank You!

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I asked Dennis if I can rent his split logger to split a bunch of tree trunks which were collecting in my backyard for years. I could not rent it from a Home Depot or Lowes because I didn't have a truck to transport it. Dennis delivered the equipment, and let me keep it for an extra day without charging me extra once I found out that I underestimated the amount of work which needed to be done. When I finished the job, I texted Dennis, he came in and picked his equipment up. I am very grateful, Dennis. Thank you for letting me keep your equipment for an extra day, and thank you for delivering it and picking it up. I lifted a huge problem off my shoulders. Thank You!


Tired of Waiting

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While looking for someone to come and cut grind and haul a tree away we found ASAP Tree Service. We were told to text a picture of the tree for a estimate. He replied within the hour with a fair estimate. Because I was waiting on other estimates it was a week before I got back to ASAP. At that time they told me about 2 weeks out. A week and a half later I texted them to see if they had a date for me yet and was told they would try to get to me within the week, that they had been busy with storm cleanup. It has now been about a month since the last contact and I still haven't heard from them. Guess I'll look elswhere.

Owner response: Take a look at the other negative review 2 days earlier from a customer off her meds. This is from that same person. I offer full satisfaction guaranteed. This review is scripted by the same angry person whom I offered full refund and warranty but she declined. If you want the best for your trees hire a Certified Arborist. We have demonstrated our knowledge of tree care through rigorous testing and application of the latest tree science. If you believe this unjust review, at least call me so I can refer you to other Certified Arborists in the Salt Lake metropolis that I know do exceptional work!

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