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Hey everyone! I have worked in the Automotive industry for quite some time. If I have learned anything from working in a dealership, it is that people hate buying and selling cars.I am here to tell you that you no longer need to get ripped off when selling or buying your car. As an experienced car salesman and automotive consultant, I can share best practices to keep in mind when selling your vehicle or when purchasing a new or used car. I am also open to selling your vehicle for you, however, this work is a little more extensive and we would need to sit down and discuss specific terms which would be agreed upon before any work would be done. Think about it. You could save hundreds to thousands by simply spending some time going over specific car buying/selling information with me.In a way, this is me giving back to the world.If you have any questions, feel free to call or text me at your convenience and we will go from there. :)

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Incredible Savings

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WOW. That is pretty much all I have to say. You really know your stuff! I am amazed at how much I was able to get out of my car when I sold it and also how much I saved when you helped me buy my Honda Civic. I love how we were able to negotiate a price and you were very flexible too. Thanks again!!