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provo, UT 84058

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-Over 12 years of Experienceafter.

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Don't Use Him

by on

I took a swan to him a couple of years ago and it never got done. I paid for the mount up front and I was patient yet when i would call to see the progress on the mount it was one excuse after another. After over a year had gone by he told me to come get the swan and my money. When I got to his house the swan was just sitting in a cooler on the porch and he only returned half of the money. Very dishonest. Did the same thing to my friends dad. Do not take waterfoel to him because it is not a priority to hime like big game. He won't do your mount and will just take your money. Find an honest taxidermist.

Owner response: I told this guy that I did not specialize in water fowl and if he was willing to waite I would do it. I refunded every dime he paid and if he would like to talk about it he has my number. I am honest and what this individual posted was very dishonest!!!! I told him if he did not want to waite I would refund him and that was his choice. I refunded every dime!!! this is total BS. There is always one bad egg!!!!!!!