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Barlow's Custom Guns

(801) 973-4788

2698 S Redwood Rd Ste K
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

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GOOD worked performed

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I have bought 2 firearms here , still happy with them. I have had a few barrels threaded for muzzle breaks here very good quality install. Also have a barrel that they chopped 2" off of (he recommended not to cut down but, did just as we requested) crowned, threaded & installed break. WOW did it turned out great (this gun shoots .332 @100 every time) --i will give up 200 fps for accuracy like that any day will continue to do business with them and wait in line to do so


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A significant number of the negative reviews related Barlow’s Custom Guns are regarding the long waiting period for work to be accomplished. Has anyone tried to order a rifle from C. Sharp Arms in Montana? The last time I checked, the waiting period was three years (plus). Has anyone tried to order a 1911 from any of the custom shops?….. well get in line. There is an obvious explanation for this. Quality work takes time, and quality gunsmiths are busy. I have been taking my business to Steve for many years and the wait is always worth it. I value quality work. If you need your firearm back tomorrow, my advice is to take it somewhere else… and good luck.

Cannot complete simple tasks

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Took in 3 firearms. Was told the turn around was 7-10 business days. I went in multiple times between weeks 2-8. Kept getting pushed back further. Was told early on that local PD contracts came first. Then I was told that they were sick, then an arm injury, then a promise that they would be finished in a week and that they were being worked on already. Waited 2 weeks and I finally told them I would take my business elsewhere. They did do a nice job engraving my name on an AR. But to be lied to every week was very disappointing. They didn't even try to accommodate. I am not associated with any gunsmiths, but the work lock stock and barrel did was amazing and he will not bs you. Do not give Barlow's your business. They may do quality work(according them they are the best in utah), but it may take months.

Ruger 338 Mag

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Thanks for the great customer service and the best price in town for my 338 mag