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Birth Utah

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Description informed and prepared for childbirth!

Birth Utah's Comprehensive Childbirth Classes will help you be prepared for birth and parenthood. The classes include information from prenatal wellness/nutrition, labor & delivery, comfort & relaxation techniques, all the way to postpartum and breastfeeding.
The classes are 24 hours of childbirth education, usually offered in a 12 week series (2 hours, one night a week). The groups are kept small (no more than 8 couples per group) to allow for individual questions and attention. Private, personalized classes are available upon request.
Birth Utah's focus is to support women desiring a natural birth. However, everyone is welcome and the information will be beneficial for all women.

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Well worth it!

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This class will equip you with the knowledge and perspective to approach your birth choices--whatever they may be--confidently. Hailey's focus on sharing information, rather than prescribing an approach, is so valuable to couples and helped my husband and I think through, discuss, and prepare for the birth experience we wanted. She is a wealth of information, sharing an abundance of relevant resources throughout the course (and simultaneously finding answers to new questions that arise). Perhaps most importantly, she is invested in the birth and parenting experience of all her moms and dads. The money and time you invest is well worth it!

Wonderful Experience

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I absolutely loved this class! Hailey does a fantastic job of offering balanced opinions and facilitating meaningful discussion. She covers a lot of information in class, and then shares even more information by emailing links and resources. She works to tailor her information to what each couple needs, and went above and beyond by emailing me extra information and resources when I needed information beyond what she could cover in class. Her help was incredibly valuable and went a long way towards making me feel prepared and empowered to have the birth I wanted.I highly recommend Hailey's classes!

Brio Birth Class Birth Utah

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This class was extremely helpful to me. Hailey is an amazing teacher and has many resources in order for you to take home and continue research and knowledge on your own. There are parts of the class that are very hands on and make the learning a much funner experience. Hailey has a lot of knowledge on all things that she teaches about as well as links, websites, and books that allow for advanced research. We learned everything from nutrition, exercise, what-if's, breastfeeding, labor, delivery, and newborn care. This class teaches everything you need to know to have a healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery, and baby! It was great!! Thanks!

Birth Classes are well worth it!

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Haley is a fantastic birth coach. She provides very helpful information so that you can make the best decisions possible to have the birth experience that you want. She also provides a lot of good resources and hand outs to help you get started as a mom. I can't say enough about her. She cares about each person's individual needs and, in our case, she went out of her way and found some extra information for us since we were trying to have a VBAC. I would highly recommend taking her class! If nothing else, it helped us feel confident and informed. I am no longer scared to go into labor. Thanks Hailey.

Birth Utah Class

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My partner and I are so glad we signed up for this class! The two hours a week just flew by with discussions and activities that helped us understand and plan for our baby's arrival. The nutrition information, stages of labor, trying on different slings and baby carriers, it was really fun and informative and the two hours a week just flew by! It was a wonderful time for me and my partner to spend just thinking about our baby, and learning together with other expectant parents. Hailey is so knowledgeable, organized, and creative, this class is great no matter what kind of birth you are planning. Personally, I think an out of hospital birth class is very important for every parent to take, because you never know what may happen in birth, but is absolutely essential if you want to try and have your baby as naturally as you can and this class is perfect. We feel well prepared and excited about birth now that we have taken her class.