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Professional computer repair MAC/PC/ laptops desktops.

 19 yrs. Experience.  I work out of home business office. Licensed and insured.                                                                                                                                                                      Customer satisfaction is my number one goal.

Computers are personal and I treat them that WAY

          ...FREE DIAGNOSTICS...                           

ü Blue screen/black screen bad video lines

ü Mac and pc motherboard/logic board video repair

ü Screen/replacement /repairs.

ü Password recovery bios or windows

ü Data recovery hard drives flash drives

ü Data transfer

ü Keyboard replacement software hardware installation

ü Wi-Fi networking repairs

ü Power dc  jack replacement/laptops

ü Advanced virus/malware removal $39.95

ü Startup repair problems/slow computer performance

ü Windows7/8 repairs / installation

ü Optimization tune up

ü Software repairs

ü Any problem/ no problem  guaranteed

ü Most repairs same day

ü All work guaranteed

ü used mac and pc parts available save money

ü  Call  or text  Ron Bishop  801-419-2219

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Ron is amazing!!!!!!

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I was Building a gaming computer, and i royally screwed up. I had Wires everywhere, nothing worked, and it looked like terrible. I finally gave up, and decided i would look for someone to fix my 1300 dollar screw up. I found Ron Bishop on KSL and he was able to fix everything for an awesome Price. He was able to fix my computer, and installed the best antivirus. after giving him my computer i was able to play the most advance computer games, and he had my computer running GREAT. He gave me advice, and i will defiantly go back to him when it is time to upgrade anything on my computer. I have already suggested him to my family. PLEASE go to him if you have any issues with anything computer related. he will give you the BEST price, and do anything you need! THANKS Ron.



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I'm impressed

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Just took my laptop in to Ron yesterday. It was super slow and unable to access the internet. I'm typing on it now and it is zipping right along, just like it should. He charged me $75. Uninstalled the clunky, ineffective antivirus software I was using and installed a free one he swears by and then showed me where to go to install it on my other computers if I wanted. Furthermore, he didn't lecture me or treat me like an idiot, which happened once when I went to a bigger, more recognizable computer place a few years ago. (And I readily admit I am indeed an idiot when it comes to computers) He gave me some good tips on how to keep it running smooth. I will use him from now on for all of my computer repairs. Mike Astill, West Jordan.


Great Deal!

by on

He was able to recover all of the data from my portable hard drive and gave me some tips to prevent problems in the future. He did it in one day and for only $75... a fraction of the price that it would have been to go any where else!


Very Satisfied!

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I thought all my data was gone for good, but Ron got it all back for me. He also put in a new internal hard drive with 3X's the memory, and my MacBook Pro is better than when I bought it! I was planning to take the laptop to Apple to move all the data to my new iMac after having Ron retrieve the data, but he just did that too. Finally, the reason the data was lost was due to a back up drive that hadn't been working, so when my laptop went down, I had a lot that wasn't backed up. He got that running again, put a new case on, and made it so it will back up both my desktop and laptop- magic! And he did all this in less than a day! I first called SimplyMac, and they said for the data recovery alone, it would be 3Xs what Ron charged me! Highly recommend this business!

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