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$39 Initial Service on quarterly program with a Guarantee.  We take the upmost precautions around children, pets, and expecting mothers. We only utilize the highest commercial grade products that are colorless and odorless and are the least toxic but effective on the market.  Check out the Weblink to Fox 13 News, Owner Chris Harbert is interviewed as an expert on BLack Widows!

  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Beetles
  • Earwigs
  • Bed bugs*
  • Centipedes
  • Springtails
  • Roaches
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Voles
  • Termite Inspections

    Guaranteed for 90 days on quarterly services and 30 days on one times. We Gaurantee to come out and spray again at no additional cost to you!!

  • Identification 

    Proper identification and understanding of the pest and its biology is critical for an effective pest control program.

  • Monitor 

    Monitoring the and determining where it is living or entering the home helps us to determine the proper approach to control it.

  • Develop A Plan 

    This is where we determine the most effective pest management plan; whether prevention, suppression or eradication is needed.

  • Implementation 

    Implementing the appropriate measures to effectively control the pest while minimizing the the effect on the environment.

  • Record & Evaluate 

    Keeping good records and proper evaluation allow us to determine the effectiveness of the measure taken and make changes when needed.

One-time services, monthly, quarterly,and bi-annual services.

Locally Owned

Technicians are all background checked and drug tested

Honest, Friendly, Knowledgeable & Professional Service

Liscenced & Insured

 We accept Cash, Check, Visa & Mastercard, American Express

Referal Bonuses*

Friend, Neighbor, or Family Discount

Discount does not apply to bed bugs or roaches

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Black widow pest control

by on

Black Widow Pest Control has been taking care of our home for several years now. They are always very kind and professional. With a service like this, where someone is coming into your home, you want to feel comfortable with the person entering your home. I have always felt comfortable with them coming because they are very friendly, respectful, and professional. Furthermore, we are so pleased with the service they provide. We never have problems with spiders and other insects or rodents in our home. They remind us every time they come, that if we have a problem, they will come back free of charge. I don't ever write reviews, but this is a company that I would absolutely recommend to anyone!


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I absolutely LOVE Black Widow Pest Control. I've been a client for over a year now and never plan on leaving!!! Since starting quarterly treatments I've very very rarely seen an insect in my home. Outside I used to have a big ant problem, but that's disappeared as well. Chris the owner is so professional and knowledgable. Even before I was a client, I called Chris with some questions and he didn't even hesitate to help answer them all and make me feel so much better. If you need any kind of pest work done, you absolutely have to call Black Widow pest control. You'll be so happy that you did, just like I am!!!!!!

Not one single complaint!

by on

This company is amazing! I called them in a panic because I had spiders! They came out, did their thing, and then I didn't have spiders anymore. I called them in a panic because I had mice! They came out, did their thing, and now I don't have mice anymore. I called them in a panic because I had bees nests! They came out, did their thing, and now I don't have bees nests anymore. I learned that it was just easier to set it up to have them come out every quarter to take care of all this pesky stuff for me and I haven't had one single problem! And if anything comes up between visits, I can call them and they will come out and take care of it for no extra charge. They are friendly, polite, wonderful to work with, and do an incredible job! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for pest control services. They are the best!!!

Great Local Company!

by on

We have always had wonderful customer service with Black Widow Pest Control! We have been customers for 2 years and will continue to be. I scheduled an appointment to have them come out and spray our house and they were on time, friendly, and took the time to really inspect for any problem areas. They found a wasp nest that I didn't know was there and they took care of it for me. Another time I noticed that we had some voles in our window well and I called Black Widow Pest Control to have them place a bait box to take care of it. I thought I might see them in a day or so but to my surprise they were there in a couple of hours the same day and the issue was solved! I appreciated their prompt attention to this. We also use their lawn care service and this year our lawn looks better then it has in 7-8 years! I have no weeds and my grass is so green and healthy! Thank you Black Widow Pest Control!

Awesome Company

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We called Black Widow to help get rid of an ant problem we were having. I never noticed any problems with spiders but while they were here they showed me black widows and wolf spiders that I didn't ever realize were there! They took care of everything and we have not had any other problems with bugs since. They were fast and efficient and a great price for the service! I won't use anyone but them in the future for any of our pest control needs! Great employees! Great service! Great price!

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