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· When you are singing: Do you ever sing off key?

· Can you belt out all of your favorite singers notes?

· Do you strain your voice?

I am located in West Hollywood, CA as a 22x Platinum award winner, I can help you with your singing.

Brad Chapman Voice Coach @ 310-405-9162 to book a coaching session. 45 years experience in Today's Music Industry.

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Brad was the "Key" to all my music success!

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My vocal power grew after your coaching in 1986, and I had a great run in music. Currently, I perform at open-mic nights, play for a Catholic contemporary worship ensemble, and have begun rehearsing with the Charm City Exiles on a bass and co-lead vocals in preparation for local shows here around the Danbury CT area. There are only about 3 things I've yet to do in the music industry - chart on Billboard, win a Grammy, and perform overseas. I've done very near everything, I mean, everything, else, including performing at Carnegie Hall (1st bass w/ Collegiate Chorale), CGBGs (my own project and as a sideman), and more. Your coaching was key to all my music success.

Elevated My Voice

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Brad Chapman Voice has elevated my voice where it's never been. He helped me get my first band and I am using those skills to lead another. I will be seeing you soon Brad to strengthen and tone to bring my voice to NEW MUSIC!! Mark Chapman

Great Reviews From My Artists

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"I suggest anyone working on a career as a vocalist to take advantage of Brad's knowledge and training. I have heard great reviews from my artists as well" Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Supatroy

Such a great coach!

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So far Brad is the only vocal coach that I have been able to find that could meet my needs. I've attempted to study under a couple others unsuccessfully. In the music industry there are plenty of individuals who want to over power or take credit for true talent so it remains refreshing that I was blessed and lucky enough to meet someone that simply wanted to help me become the best singer I could be with no other intentions. His humility is refreshing given his extensive experience. If you are wanting to improve your vocal skills Brad is the coach for you. Whether you are a professional or just wanting to connect with your voice in a better way he can help you find your voice and before long you'll be singing notes you didn't even know you had...just like me. Rakale

Great Teacher

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My name is Max Grundy and I took voice and guitar lessons from Brad for 3 years. I would have continued working with Brad only I moved out of state. Brad was great in every way. Very patient and very technically skilled at the art of voice and guitar. Not only was brad great but his studio was a great environment to learn and I consider the experience very worth while and productive. Under Brads supervision I found skills I didnt know I had. Not only was he a great teacher I now consider him a dear friend. Thanks Brad!!!

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