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Look no further!  If you are tired of paying inflated prices for simple replacement of you brake pads and shoes, or your just sick and tired of being told you need everything replaced when you most likely do not. You have found the right place. We will replace your shoes, pads, rotors, drums, or calipers, if you really need them replaced, for your vehicle for a reasonable price and at a time that is convenient for you. That means at work or home or even at a friends house while you are visiting. There is no mobile fee the price list below is the price for labor, parts are extra and at way less than shop prices.

The Bring Your Own Parts option (BYOP) 

This option allows you to choose the brake components that are used on your vehicle. If this option is not for you we here at Brakes Only would be happy to provided the required parts for you!

Prices: $55 Per Axle Plus Parts

             $10 Per Axle to replace Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

          $10 Per axle brake line bleed

          $10 Per axle to replace rotor

Mobile Service to wherever you are! Salt Lake, Utah Counties, Wasatch and Summit counties!! 


Check the website Brakesonly.net for more info or the schedule an appointment or request a quote 

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Brakes Only- Mobile Service

Offer code: KSL2AC

$100 for both axles + Parts

Details: 1st axle $55 + Parts get $10 off Second Axle

Reviews (64)

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Brakes only!!!!

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I was so excited to find this company on KSL. I have a crazy 2 year old that is just a terror whenever we have to wait for a service to be done. The fact that someone would come to my house and do a good job is worth it to me! He was very professional, and took 17 minutes to replace the brakes on my minivan!


Great Work

by on

Lee came out this morning and replaced the brakes for my Lexus IS. His knowledge of the car and the job surprised me. He does the job very quick and extremely accurate. If you want a good mobile brake job. Please call Lee!


Solid Work

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Lee did a great job. He explained what he was doing and why. Was careful, clean and detailed. Based on things he noticed during his work, he provided recommendations for me to keep things in top shape. New rotors and brakes work better than ever.


Great Service!

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Like many of you its hard for me to find time to go into a shop to get my brakes fixed. That's why I was so happy to find Lee and "Brakes Only." Lee came to my office and fixed my brakes in about 30 minutes total. He also made sure that I was aware what the problem was and that I was happy with the service before he left! I would highly recommend Lee to anyone looking for a fast and affordable brake fix.


Look no further

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Lee changed my brakes a couple of hours ago. He was quick and did a great job. I will be using Lee from now on and recommending him to my friends. It was refreshing to find that there is actually a business out there that works on cars and does not make a living by ripping people off. There were several places throughout my brake service where Lee could have come up with a reason to get me to replace something but he did not. Just to be overly safe I told Lee that I was willing to replace everything for piece of mind. Lee assessed my situation and did ONLY what was reasonably needed. I know that he easily saved me hundreds. Thanks Lee.

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