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Look no further! If you are tired of paying inflated prices for simple replacement of you brake pads and shoes. You have found the right place. We will replace your shoes and pads for your vehicles for a reasonable price and at a time that is convenient for you.

The Bring Your Own Parts option (BYOP) allows you to choose the brake components that are used on your vehicle. If this option is not for you we here at Brakes Only would be happy to provided the required parts for you!

Prices: $55 Per Axle Plus Parts

              $10 Per Axle to replace Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

          $10 Per axle brake line bleed

          $10 Per axle to replace free floating rotors


            Call For Pricing 

Mobile Service to wherever you are! Salt Lake, Utah Counties, Wasatch and Summit counties Only  

Check the website for more info or the schedule an appointment or request a quote

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Brakes Only- Mobile Service

Offer code: KSL2AC

$100 for both axles + Parts

Details: 1st axle $55 + Parts get $10 off Second Axle

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Finally a Business that is Honest. Lee is no Joke

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I know my fair share of car stuff. But now with a child, I leave the brakes to professional. And I found a true professional in Lee. I scheduled a repair on wife's car while I was at work. He called to confirm and changed his schedule to check/fix brakes, so she would have safe car to drive. He did his best to explain everything to her in layman's terms. He could have said rotors bad, needs new pads and kept going and she would have paid $600+ (first kid mind set). Instead he called me to explain what was going on. We needed two new front pads and a caliper (seized pin) Charged $110 for new pads and labor (thats not a joke). He order part we needed for $80 said it would be in day or two and will not charge labor. I called a few places and said it would take a week to get part. Dealership had it, and it was only $249. Lee is charges $80 for same part and no labor. Please use Honest Local Businesses like Brakes Only. Lee=TrueAmerican.



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What was missing? 1) Driving to a brake place (he came to my house) 2) The long wait in the waiting room 3) The hard up sell for other services 4) The massive price for the brakes 5) The fake life-time warranty What was there: 1) Friendly service 2) Quick service 3) Knowledgeable service 4) Inexpensive service 5) Convenient service KSL has such high ratings for Brakes Only... and I can see why. I will be using Brakes Only for all my future needs.


The best in Utah!

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Brakes only is the type of business all businesses should aspire to be like. First off they are honest which most business lack these days, second they do a great job and if they find something else that needs to be fixed they don't pressure you to fix it on the spot just so they can make more money, they let you know about it and leave it up to you to decide what to do about it, and third they have great prices, they don't overcharge, I would almost say they undercharge it's crazy how cheap they are, especially considering the great job they do. I saw them in KSL last year when I was in a huge bind and didn't have a lot of money and they saved my butt, since then I have used them 4 other times and they have always come through. Honestly it's shocking how honest, fast, inexpensive, and just overall awesome they are! Thank you Lee and Shane! You guys rock!


In every respect excellent

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Excellent service Excellent Work Excellent Price Excellent honesty. Very highly recommended. B2rtch


Wow what a great service!!!!!

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Brakes Only is the absolute greatest thing I have found in quite a while. Needed my brakes and rotors done but just couldn't find the time to take it to a shop and catch a ride back to work then catch another one to pick my car up. Shane came to my work and just wowed me with just how simple he made it look. He was done in 35 minutes. I test drove the car when he was done and it was fantastic being able to stop without the horrible noise it was making before. I greatly recommend these guys for getting your brakes done when you don't have a whole lot of time. Plus they were killer on the price.

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