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Look no further! If you are tired of paying inflated prices for simple replacement of you brake pads and shoes. You have found the right place. We will replace your shoes and pads for your vehicles for a reasonable price and at a time that is convenient for you.

The Bring Your Own Parts option (BYOP) allows you to choose the brake components that are used on your vehicle. If this option is not for you we here at Brakes Only would be happy to provided the required parts for you!

Prices: $55 Per Axle Plus Parts

              $10 Per Axle to replace Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

          $10 Per axle brake line bleed

          $10 Per axle to replace free floating rotors


            Call For Pricing 

Mobile Service to wherever you are! Salt Lake, Utah Counties, Wasatch and Summit counties Only  

Check the website for more info or the schedule an appointment or request a quote

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Brakes Only- Mobile Service

Offer code: KSL2AC

$100 for both axles + Parts

Details: 1st axle $55 + Parts get $10 off Second Axle

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I called Brakes Only at 8:30pm. To my surprise,he had an opening the next day and Lee and his partner showed up about 15 min. early(I'm used to people showing up 2hrs late).I was impressed.So,we opened the garage and I realized my wife forgot to leave her vehicle. I was embarrassed! Lee handled it like a champ and followed me to my wife's workplace so he could do the brakes there. She had left work to go to a meeting and her car was not there. I was really embarrassed now. Lee was totally cool about it and offered to come back the next day. The next day, Lee showed up again on time and did a wonderful job. The price beat his competitors by at least 100-150 dollars.He explained everything in a way I could understand and when I offered him extra money for running around the previous day he refused to take it. This blew me away. I would recommend Brakes Only to anyone who appreciates courtesy, integrity and professionalism at an unbeatable price. Brakes Only has a customer for life!


Great service, great price

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I really enjoyed Brakes Only to replace my pads. It only took a few minutes and the man was nice enough to teach me how to do it as he went along. I feel comfortable using him because I trust him. It can be hard to find a good, honest mechanic, but Brakes Only are both of those.


Excellent Service

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I will be a customer for as long as Brakes Only are around. This is the second time I have used this company and they have been great. Quick, convenient, and affordable. Very professional service. They have been very honest with warranties and with only replacing parts that need it. I usually feel like I have been raked over the coals anytime I get car work done, but with Brakes Only I feel like I saved money and got better service than I would at a regular shop.


Great service, Great deal

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Lee came out last Saturday to change my brakes and rotors on my Dodge Truck. He was very professional. He showed me the brake pads and rotors after he took them off and showed me where they were worn. He was very kind to answer any questions I had. He is very affordable. It was very convenient cause I didn't have to sit in a waiting area. I could get things done I needed to at home while he changed my brakes and rotors outside. He did a Great job. I will definitely use him again.


Value for money!

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Lee was the person who came to replace the brakes of my Suzuki Forenza, at 9 am. initially i had him to replaced all my brakes, front and back. But after checking he said i only needed to change the back. he showed me the pads and compared them to the new ones for my reassurance. the front ones he told me i could still get good 6 months out of it. Then a little less than 20 mins, job completed. i have no complaints, Lee was thorough, tell me what i needed to know and what i thought i already knew but didnt say outloud. honest guy. highly recommended, support local~~!

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