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Bytendorp Enterprises Landscaping has over 26 years of experience in the Landscaping industry.  We pride ourselves in doing the same quality work at our customers homes as we would if it were our own.  We love to make a blank canvas become a work of art and something that our customers can be proud of.
We can do a great job at both.  We are happy to make suggestions as a consultant or take the customers ideas and go to work.  We have over 20 consecutive years of experience in the snow plowing/removal industry. 
* Landscaping * Irrigation * Fertilization * Ponds * Water Features (pondless also) * Waterfalls * Rock walls * Mowing *Maintenance * Cement * Grading * Curbing * Landscape Design * Landscape Lighting * Snow Removal & Salting * Fencing * Trenching * Aeration * Sod

Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Bytendorp Enterprise provided quick and reasonable quote for our project. Richard is very professional with great communication skills. He is reliable; he followed up with me when he said he would. Richard is a nice guy to work with.


Highly recommended

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I am so impressed by Richard at Bytendorp Enterprises. I would highly recommend using him on your next landscaping project. I recently contacted Bytendorp to discuss problems I was having with my lawn. Richard, unlike many of the other landscapers I have worked with in the past, actually knows what he is talking about! He is incredibly knowledgeable. He was able to accurately diagnose the problems in my lawn and recommend a solution. He then followed up to make sure the recommendations worked! He has returned every phone call, followed up, and checked back. That has not been my experience with others in this industry. In this day and age it has been rare for me to receive this kind of customer service from any business! Thank you Richard for going above and beyond to help me. Sincerely, Marlise Fisher


Re: Landscaping job

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Bytendorp Enterprises Landscaping company were quick and efficient at completing our project out front and back. The workers were very polite and attentive with us and were very hard workers. We would recommend them very highly!!


Great Landscaper

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Richard was very responsive to our needs to do our entire yard. Very professional and always willing to meet. I would recommend him.


Very unhappy customers

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The original service this company performed went fairly well and the price was in line with where it should have been. Until we powered up our sprinkling system and it didn't work. The callback came in at more than double what the original invoice was. We were charged for more people than were there, sent more people out than were necessary, and were charged for more hours than they worked. When confronted about the error, some of the invoice was reduced. But the callback still ended up being more than double what it should have been, and still more than the original service. We had stated right up front, that our system was unusual, and not set up correctly, so that is why we called an "expert". His invoice states that you should let him know if there is anything- anything they can do to improve their service. I am very disappointed in this company and would never use them again, nor would I recommend them to anyone else.

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