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DON'T REPLACE YOUR CABINETS! REFINISH AND SAVE BIG $$$$! Get your kitchen and bathroom cabinets restored or just change color and enjoy them as NEW ONCE AGAIN! We fix all cabinet related problems and we remove all old finish. You can choose to go with a light or dark stain then we apply 3 clear coats of finish.

We also have a quality paint process superior to normal painting. We also do crown molding.

GET OUR 25% DISCOUNT AND RESERVE A SERVICE DATE, Call Jack at Cabinet Restorations: 801-860-7206.

We have 20  years Experience and NO ONE DOES WHAT WE DO!!!

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Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 8:00pm

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Turned out nice, but with some frustration

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Here's the deal with Jack - it will turn out nice, but will be frustrating and take way longer than you thought. Jack is an older gentleman with some health issues so he isn't super quick. There were many days he called to let us know he couldn't make it which stretched out the project longer than we'd hoped. Second thing is Jack can sort of be crabby and isn't always easy to work with. If you can handle that though, you won't find a better final product for the money. Pros: *Affordability. Jack was by far the lowest bid and it wasn't even close. *Quality. We were a bit nervous at first before he did some of the clean up, but the final product was great. Cons: *Timeliness: Jack started the project approximately 6 weeks later than promised. It was estimated to be a 2 week project and took 6 weeks to complete. We actually ended up asking him not to do one of the quoted bathrooms becase we were ready for him to be done. *Not easy to work with: He can be a bit of a grump

Satisfied consumer

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I used this company for part of my kitchen remodel a while back and was impressed with their professionalism. I would use them again in the future.

Gave Down Payment/He never did the work

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He was quick to show up to get my business and deposit. He said he was so booked he couldn't do the work until 5 weeks later. However, I needed to give him a big down payment to reserve this spot. I took all his information, DL #, put deposit only on the check, truck make and plate number. Sure enough, when it came time to do the work, he couldn't make it. He had several tragic events plus his work was backed up plus he got injured... After 4 months of waiting, I demanded my deposit back (afterall, I knew where to find him). I wonder, if I had not taken all his personal information down, would I ever have seen him again?

Owner response: This person is upset because I refused to work on the apartment complex until a serious roach infestation was cleared up, which after 4 months it was not. I am a one man operation and in 18 years I have had to refund two deposits due to family or health issues that delayed doing the work. Deposits that were immediately returned when requested. I object to this review that I could have been possibly dishonest.

Updated look!

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Jack was able to get our kitchen cabinets a great updated look. After lots of phone calls and bids I decided to go with Jack for our cabinet work. The price cant be beat.

Great Work!

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Jack Blue did an amazing job on our out-dated oak cabinets. He is very thorough in his work and the cabinets now look like new and now look modern and up to date saving us thousands of dollars! Highly Recommended!

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