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Why fix your carpet wrinkles? There are two things that will happen if you do not get those carpet wrinkles fixed, and neither are good for your carpet. Wrinkled carpet will delaminate, which means the backing will come off and your carpet fiber will begin to fall out. Secondly, the carpet will wear at the top of the wrinkle. Neither of these, if let go too long, can be fixed. I was in a home recently and re-stretched the carpet. After stretching, it was good and tight. However, one wrinkle in a high traffic area had a bald spot where everyone’s feet had worn through the carpet and broke down the fibers. What causes wrinkles? Over 90% of the time it is poor installation. I have been in the carpet business for over 37 years, residential and commercial - domestic and international (South Pacific). I have also worked for the LDS church, installing carpet in 13 temples, hundreds of chapels and seminary buildings, buildings on Temple Square - including the Salt Lake Tabernacle. I was also the last one to install carpet in the Provo Tabernacle over 30 years ago. It was the same carpet in the building when it was destroyed by fire and did not have a wrinkle in it even after 28 years. My workmanship is “old school” and is excellent. If you have experienced poor installation in the past, you will not be disappointed in my work. My carpets are all stretched tight and will not wrinkle. I will give the carpet in your home the repairs or installation you deserve.

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This guy is good

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He knows what he's doing and does it really well. Price is better than the carpet cleaning companies. I'm calling him again this week to do our basement carpet.


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Bruce was able to come out same day for a quote and then was able to complete the repairs at the same time! He was quick, the work looks great, and he saved me from an expensive replacement.

carpet repair

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Bruce did an excellent job. He re-installed our carpet after a remodel and patched the carpet in several places. The seams are nearly invisible. I highly recommend his services.

Carpet repair

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Works hard, does a great job, price is very fair. All in all - I would recommend Bruce to anyone.

Repaired Carpet

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Great quality work! Don't look anywhere else for a carpet guy. Very knowledgeable. The carpet he repaired looks much better than the carpet that was installed "professionally". Seams are hidden very well. It looks like carpet should. Price was very affordable too. He came out to do the work the very same day I called! He is my carpet guy from now on. You will not go wrong with this guy.

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