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Carson Meats

(801) 756-2234

Serving Salt Lake, Utah County, Park City areas

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Carson Meats is a family run business providing mobile slaughter and custom cutting of beef, pork and lamb. Each animal is processed to the customers exact specifications. Processing each animal one at a time allows us to provide the detail in cutting and wrapping that is missing from large scale operations. We wrap your meat in a paper/plastic combination to ensure the freshness of your meat. If you don't have beef or pig of your own, we can arrange for you to buy a quality grain fed beef or pig from a local farmer, beef must be purchased as a whole or half. Call for prices of beef and pigs. We also provide the same quality of cutting and wrapping for your wild game. Note hours vary slightly during summer months. Call or email at

Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday 6:00am - 6:00pm

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Warning: Don't take your wild game to Carson's

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Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I dropped off 4 quarters of an elk and requested that everything be cut into steaks (or chunks for jerky). The next day I was called and told it was done. What I got back was 75% grind (burger)--only 16 packages of steaks from an entire elk. Even worse, they claimed that the total weight of the 4 quarters I dropped off was only 130 pounds (for a bull elk?). When I called to discuss the problem, I was essentially told "too bad." They wouldn't accept any responsibility--their excuse was "that's our standard way of processing wild game." Even when I pointed out their failure to follow the specific instructions on the written order form, they denied any responsibility. So, after "losing" at least 25% of the meat and turning most of the remainder into burger, they still charged me their minimum 200 lbs rate for elk.