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Get cash FAST!!    NO TITLE NO PROBLEM!!! LOST TITLE NO PROBLEM!!!  Recycle that unused car or truck you have taking up space and get cash now. Free and fast removal. Friendly drivers. Get a quote over the phone. Call now to get your cash.
Se Habla Español!!
Visit our website  www.thejunkcarbuyer.com

We can also transport your vehicle where ever you want. Moving and have an antique car that doesnt run? We can move it for you

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Cash For Junk Cars Call 8014145678

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Free Tow

Details: Free Tow when I give you cash for your junk car.

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Friendly and Professional

by on

I first contacted Randy (The Junk Car Buyer) back in Sept 2012. I have a wonderful experience working with Randy. He is very friendly and professional. Soon I got everything ready, car title and remove personal belongings from my car, he came pick it up within a day. I recently got another car with a bad timing belt which ruined the engine. After talking to the mechanic and found out the cost of fixing it, the first person came to my mind is Randy. Randy has given me a very good deal of taking my old cars/headache off my hands. I used to think I would have to incur another expense to get rid of my cars. But with Randy, I got money for my cars (1991 Honda Civic and 2003 Kia Spectra)which are not worth fixing. I highly recommend Randy if you have a car, which is not worth fixing or you are trying to get rid of an old car.


Jeers To Tony

by on

I gave tony my 1973 Chevy Blazer,that was stripped ,to Tony for free,the condition was that it would be removed by the next day,it was not.That day he came by late,to pick up the title.He was half an hour late and i was on my lunch break.He assured me his Guys were on there way,and it was taken care of.I went back to work thinking this is taken care of,it was not.It took tony another day and a half to remove vehicle.The Vehicle was removed by AL Towing/Auto Ambulance.This company i also do not recommend they were clueless on how to Load my Blazer that had been stripped,BUT LUCKLY MY ROOMATE HELPED THE TOW TRUCK DRIVER LOAD THE TRUCK( DO HIS JOB),AND THE BLAZER FINALLY LEFT MY PROPERTY.He assured me my Blazer would be gone by ten next day,it was not.HE TOOK MY TITLE AND MADE ME WAIT ON HIS TIME.TONY USES SECOND PARTY TO REMOVE VEHICLES THAT ARE NOT RUNNING DRIVING.I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING HIS SERVICES,UNLESS HE IS REMOVING A RUNNING DRIVING VEHICLE.


Great, thanks Tony!

by on

I called Tony and told him a little about the car I had. He must have been pretty close because he was actually here looking at it about 15 minutes later. He gave me a fair price, and cash. Awesome to get rid of the car, super easy and fast. Highly recommend giving him a call if you've got a car to sell. Thanks again.


Thanks Tony!

by on

Working with Tony was great. He came to pick up my car in a timely manner, and was extremely friendly and helpful! Thanks so much!


Great Service

by on

Tony picked up my car within a few hours of me contacting him and was able to load it up without my help. He was very friendly and great to work with. It was nice to get rid of that piece of crap and receiving some cash for it.

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