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Contact Doug Bowman 801-317-6984.

Dec 01, 2014 Kim Griffith, PhD had suffered a TIV (small stroke) and is uenable to conduct business at this time.  

Doug is NOT working under Cedar Hills License, Workers Compunsation, Banking, payments and Liabiliity Insurance.  A Referral ONLY. ... HE IS AN INDEPENDANT Contractor.

Contact Doug Bowman at the number listed above; he his a good man and is fair in his pricing.  He had worked for Cedar Hills for many years. 

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Complete Fraud

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Kim was hired to replace a roof as part of a home sale. He took a half cash deposit and tore half the roof off before leaving the job and demanding more money. I'm not sure who posted all the positive reviews, likely himself. Send all your roofing needs to Tyler Parrish Roofing. He saved our home from ruin and salvaged the sale. Honest, professional and quality workmanship. Please heed my advise otherwise you will find yourself out money and in court trying to recoup your losses.


Stay Away from Cedar Hills Cont.

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I contacted Kim in regards to a roof repair, after agreeing to the estimate I paid the required deposit of $450 to be "put on the schedule." After 4 weeks of being told the work would begin soon and nothing happening, someone called and told me that they would not be able to complete the work and I would be refunded my deposit. It has been well over a month since being told I would receive a refund and I have not seen it yet. All the phone numbers associated with the business are not accepting calls. This whole thing feels like a scam.



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We had them replace our roof. They asked us to pay about 70% of down payment before they even began working on our roof. They cashed our check over night, did not show up for more than 4 weeks. We called and asked a refund because it was taking too long. Then the next day, they dropped off a garbage dump in front of our drive way. The workers worked on our roof for less than 3 hour that day. They they did not come back for a long time. The garbage dump was left in our drive way for 5 more weeks without any work. We called again complaining to finish working on our roof, they came back finally. They tore down our roof. Never came back. We call the company, they said the owner had a stroke, cannot work on our roof for a while. We asked our money back. However they never returned our calls. Took the money, left our roof undone. We needed to hire someone else to finish our roof. Never ever have them work on your house. Horrible experience. We are considering filing a formal complaints.


Bad Experience

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We had some work done by this company but in hind sight wish we had gone with another company that gave us a second opinion estimate. The only positive experience we had with them was they initially answered the phone right off the bat and were quick to come give an estimate. In the end some very poor work was done by some under qualified roofers. Seems our experience was similar to some others we've read here in regards to punctuality and poor communication. After the job was done I was unhappy so I had a friend who is a roofer come check the final product. He advised me the work was sub par at best and most likely the same problem will reoccur due to the poor work. Best advice is to Shop elsewhere!

Owner response: The City of Murray has passed ALL inspections regarding this project. Some people you just cannot please.Every since the start of this project this homeowner has been nothing but a pain in the backside. This resulted in 8 different crews to walk off the job. By all means if you are the type of person who will not allow the professionals to do there job. Please use someone else. In closing this home owner has done everything to try and get a free $13,000.00 roof for free. As the contractor working within that neighborhood many, many of their so called friends had warned us what type of people they really are. What a shame! Their house wasn't build to code; a seconded story was added with out any building permit and the structural is somewhat suspect. The City inspectors agreed to sign off as it stood for 20 years; maybe will stand 20 more. Murray City approved our project in writing. His friend says our job is subpar. Just a stupid argument... law is on our side.


Basement Waterproofing

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I did not have a good experience with this contractor. He installed an unneeded sump pump when all I had were 2 small cracks in my foundation walls in my basement. Water only came in through those cracks if there was a torrential down pour. I was told the sump pump would resolve the water intrusion issue. After a heavy rain, water came through the cracks again and puddled in the basement. Caulk was then used to seal over the cracks from the inside. Caulk is not a permanent solution to repair a foundation crack. The work is 100% guaranteed though, and Kim is very quick to respond. I ended up renting an excavator and am in the process of sealing the cracks from the outside of the foundation myself.

Owner response: Despite the 50 plus gallons of water that was pumped out. The homeowner was advised about the procedures and the installation of said sump-pump and the permanent sealant to be used. The homeowner now doesn't agree with our services despite the 100% warranty . Cedar Hills Construction, has fulfilled our agreement, the homeowner was advised and agreed to all services performed. Not only did the sump-pump do it's job ...... It will again, again, again and again.

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