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Schedule TODAY - Residential or Commercial - New Rooofing Project !

Shingles, TPO, PVC, Cedar Shake, Slate and True Slate

END OF THE SEASON - Special Pricing !!!

All MAJOR Manufactures: GAF, Malarkey, Tomko, Certianeed and Owens Corning.

All New installs have a "Limited Lifetime Warranty (up to 50 years)"  With a complete tear-off"

** Normal INSTALL ****

1) New Roof: Per Code starting $180.00 per square - Includes: Starter, Ice & water, Synthetic Felt, Drip Edge, "Limited Lifetime (10 year Material & Labor then Pro-Rated)" Architectural Shingle (any color and manufacture), New Vent Pipe flashing's, New Turtle Vents, Hip & Ridge, and all Labor!

* Tear off, steep pitches can be extra.

2) Re-shingle ONLY:starting $ 135.00 Per Square Includes - Starter, "Limited Lifetime (10 year Material & Labor then Pro-Rated") Architectural Shingle's (any color and manufacture), New Vent Pipe flashing's, New Turtle Vents, Hip & Ridge, and all Labor!

Fully Licensed and Insured

Prices subject to change without notice.

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Cedar Hills Construction

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Details: Cedar Hills Construction works with ALL Insurance companies! Call today and let us help YOU!!!

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Basement Waterproofing

by on

I did not have a good experience with this contractor. He installed an unneeded sump pump when all I had were 2 small cracks in my foundation walls in my basement. Water only came in through those cracks if there was a torrential down pour. I was told the sump pump would resolve the water intrusion issue. After a heavy rain, water came through the cracks again and puddled in the basement. Caulk was then used to seal over the cracks from the inside. Caulk is not a permanent solution to repair a foundation crack. The work is 100% guaranteed though, and Kim is very quick to respond. I ended up renting an excavator and am in the process of sealing the cracks from the outside of the foundation myself.

Owner response: Despite the 50 plus gallons of water that was pumped out. The homeowner was advised about the procedures and the installation of said sump-pump and the permanent sealant to be used. The homeowner now doesn't agree with our services despite the 100% warranty . Cedar Hills Construction, has fulfilled our agreement, the homeowner was advised and agreed to all services performed. Not only did the sump-pump do it's job ...... It will again, again, again and again.


Buyer beware :(

by on

Kim initially responded quickly and was friendly. After the insurance check was handed over problems began. Kim said the job would take 1-2 weeks but it took over 5 weeks working 1 or 2 days each week leaving a mess behind also. Kim said there were higher priority jobs than ours they needed to do. We had to text and call to find out when someone was coming to work on our roof. Poorly organised and communicated with multiple excuses. A side job that was to be done along with the roof repair still sits unfinished today. Promises made, not kept. We were quoted a possible small cost of approx $50-$100 dollars but were surprised with an additional $500 dollar+ repair bill to finish the job they started. Based on comments here the job should be done well But it wasn't. The best part out of all this was one worker named Joseph. He was very friendly and is a very skilled roofer. Although it wasn't his fault he expressed his frustration with how the process went for us and was embarrassed.

Owner response: Give someone a cookie; next they want milk and another cookie! In the event of emergencies (roof collapses and structural damages) their work could be put on hold. They never had any leaks. Homeowner was advise NOT to have the Gable Vents removed; because damaging to the siding.. The homeowner demanded that we replace the vents and they would pay for the siding materials. This type of siding is no longer being manufactured. There is a min $500.00 from the factory. Despite, offered to install for free!! Homeowner is using KSL to extort material and additional repairs.. This Police Officer isn't willing to live up to the prearranged agreements... Well says a lot. Their retired police dog wouldn't let us into the backyard; as they were out of town over a week. This coupled storms did cause several delays (out of Cedar Hills control). Cedar Hills was trying to help a officer of the law and his family. In short; Cedar Hills refuses to be extorted via KSL comment section.


Complete Roof Replacement

by on

Cedar Hills did a most wonderful job repairing the trusses and rafters in our older home. Kim worked closely with the City, Structural Engineers and workers. Cedar Hills handled everything and came in under budget…. Anyone needing a true professional "Call CedarHills Construction"


Complete Roof Replacement

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Kim and Company, I want to thank you folks for the hard work and dedication that was placed on my residents during my complete roof replacements. Your employee (Joseph) works long and hard (12 hour days) performing exceptional looking roofs without supervision. I liked his work ethics so well that I had an additional roof replacement accomplished on my detached garage. He dries in the roof and cleans up after himself before he leaves for the night. I would recommend Cedar Hills Construction to anyone that is in need of a good quality roof. Kim is fair with his roofing estimates. No negative experiences that I encountered during these roof replacements. I give this company a AAA++++ rating.


Best in ALL UTAH !!

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We had a very bad case of ice damming; which flooded ALL three floors. Kim was the very best… Showing up within 30 min after the phone. Kim was most helpful in working with the insurance companies to min our damage. CEDAR HILLS CONSTRUCTION staff were very professional and attended to our very needs. In our opinion ..not only is Cedar Hills the best roofing company ….. The expertise in EMERGENCY Service/ Repairs our unsurpassed … We could always reach Kim noon or night with questions and concerns… Thank you, Kim, Becky, Jill, Doug and Tory ...

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