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A licensed and insured company, we paint interior and exterior using quality Sherwin Williams materials. We specialize in refinishing cabinets stain or paint, and refinishing bathtubs. We also: remove wallpaper, stain, patch drywall, stripes on walls, even light handyman services. Go to:  www.utahpaintpro.com  for FAQ and pictures.

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Chameleon Painting Llc

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WOW SOOOOO unprofessional!!!!

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Mike and I had a date scheduled for him to paint our kitchen cabinets. He planned to come on a Monday and I called to confirm a date with him on the Friday prior. I called him on Monday morning to make sure they were on there way. He said that he had already sent his guys out to other jobs sense he had not heard from me to confirm the job. What? We HAD confirmed!! He said you gotta understand how busy I am and I just dont have time..Ok well my time IS ALSO VERY valuable. He said that he did not have my phone number to call me even though we had spoke on the phone,made the appointment, confirmed paint color,$ amount, and time. If you have a client you should 1st off put your number in your phone so you can call them. 2nd, you should make them feel like you WANT there business. DOESN'T want your business from what I can tell cause he is too busy and his time is too valuable. Please don't give him any business.

Owner response: This review is not based on any work performed. All of our correspondence was via email (about a dozen)and were responded to promptly by this client until I needed the address of the home. I talked to her and asked for it on Friday before we started with no response. I followed up with emails on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning with no response. I came to the conclusion she was canceling since there were no responses to several emails. She called Monday morning asking where I was and I told her I cancelled her date because she did not respond to my multiple emails asking for the address. I offered to reschedule her on a week that I planned on going out of town with my family and she did not respond. This event wouldn't have happened if I was given the address. I have never cancelled on a client for being "too busy" and I am always accommodating and professional to any potential client with questions or concerns before and after a project.


kitchen cabinets painted

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Mike and his team did the most awesome job on my kitchen cabinets. I don't normally write a review on anything, but had to share how excited and happy I am with the job they did. Mike was very professional and knowledgable about what he does. He explained everything completely before he started, and it was all done perfectly. I highly recommend Chameleon Painting.


Painted Knotty Alder Cabinets Look Fantastic

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We hired Mike and his crew to paint our knotty alder cabinets white. I was nervous because I didn't think they could come out smooth and look nice because of all the knots. Mike and his team did a fantastic job covering and prepping all surfaces. The outcome looks fabulous and I am pleased with the work that was done. I also called around a bit before hiring him and felt that his prices were very competitive. If you'd like to see before and after photos of my kitchen here is a link that you can go to: http://www.365daysofcrockpot.com/2013/10/white-painted-kitchen-cabinet-reveal.html I also included information about the process and pictures of it as well, if you're curious.

Owner response: Thank you Karen. Your blog has great details about the process I use.


Cabinet refinishing and painting

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We had Mike come out and look at our cabinets to be refinished and had our main level painted. We chose him because he was the most thorough with the process, and had the most experience from our other bidders. He helped with picking out colors for the rooms, and cabinets, and even had four extra cabinet doors built for us. The cabinets turned out fantastic, as well as the painting. Mike is great with colors and actually saved us from hiring a designer for help. I would recommend using him, we plan to again in the spring for our exterior work.


kitchen cabinets, walls, ceiling

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Very unprofessional pretty much sums it up.The Kitchen cabinets had dripping paint runs.When my wife pointed it out they told her it was the grain of the wood.They finally redid the worst part.They took off the gel soft close pads and never replaced them then tried to replace them with crappy felt pads and told me the gel pads were too expensive.I purchased them at home depot and did it myself. There were many spots on the ceiling that were not fully covered and they tried to say it was the lighting and shadows - They fixed a few of the worst ones when I would not pay.They did not remove ceiling fixtures and just taped around them and as a result it looks bad around most of the ceiling light fixtures.They came to get a final check before the job was completed and when I told them they were going to have to do it right before they got the check. At this point they insulted me and told me the house was painted poorly before and everything should be re-done but that I could not afford it.

Owner response: Quite some time has passed since this house was completed, and I’m actually surprised to receive such a negative review (one star) after the steps taken to finish. We did encounter some issues with the ceilings; the texture was showing shadows and we did the best we could to make it look right. We offer the cabinets closing pads for free. They are not top of the line, perhaps some think they are cheap, this is the only complaint we've received. The remainder of this review is overstated. If anyone has met me personally, they know I would never insult a client in any way. We gladly offered multiple walk throughs for touch ups, or problems with runs, and/or paint coverage. We were paid the day after completion, and assumed all was completed to satisfaction. I apologize if anything was seen as unprofessional and I always offer to come back and fix any issues or problems with every job we complete.

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