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Charlottes Critter Care

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Serving Salt Lake, Weber/Davis, Northern Utah areas

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Feed and water  for all animals .  I own many animals myself, II understand the need for someone responsible to care for your pets while you can not. Call me to arrange your feeding schudule

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Above and beyond service

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Words can not begin to describe how wonderful Charlotte is.I have 4 horses, 2 dogs and 4 cats (barn kitties). 12 chickens 4 goats. We had to leave unexpectanctly,I called and Charlotte came right over.She mucked each stall daily, cleaned out our chicken house, blanketed our horses when needed, Just fantastic. I called Charlotte to ask about animals during the time we were gone. She eased my worries. Stating everything is fine.I have a 22 year old gelding that runs the place. He is set in his ways. Does what he wants and pretty much stays to himself. When we returned Charlotte came over so we could pay her. My gelding seen her came running up and lifted his head over the fence like it was his best friend. That was alone itself the best sight!! We sent Charlotte another gift card in the mail since she would not take a genous tip from us.I thank god each day for people like Charlotte. Thank you Charlotte


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What a wonderful woman! We had to leave state due to an emergency. Charlotte got a frantic call from me, eased my mind got my address came right over. I showed her where the feed was, dog food etc. We have 3 cats, 4 dogs, 6 pigs, 20 cows and 11 horses. I called her almost daily. Never did she have a problem. She fed twice a day. Mucked all the stalls, let the horses out to pasture daily. I can not thank her enough for all she did. Above and beyond perfect! What a wonderful woman and so thankful we have a new friend we can rely on when in need. Do not hesitate to call her love for animals is obvious. Thank you again Charlotte Mary and Max Barter