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The CheerKats All-Star Cheer and Tumble program prides
itself on team work, dedication, safety, and motivation.  Each coach is well trained with a passion and
love for coaching.  We want to help each
student become their best!

Hours of Operations

Monday - Thursday 3:00pm - 8:00pm
Friday 3:00pm - 7:00pm

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Be smart and ask before your take your child there that know about the gym. Many many people feel the same way I do. Not a good experience.

poor customer service

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Poor customer service. Was way overcharged, will not refund my money.

Love CheerKats - Proud to be #kats4life

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I have to say this is the first gym we have ever been a part of who have won the Sportsmanship Awards at two separate national competitions in 2014. My girls have excelled beyond expectations at CheerKats. The review below is completely incorrect. They are USASF Members (always have been) and there has not been one competition in which we have not been able to compete at. In fact my girls were part of the teams that took home two National Championships last season at USASF sanctioned events. I am a proud parent for my daughter to take home a Sportsmanship medal at the American Championships in California. Only two Sportsmanship awards were given out of 1000 teams and we took home one of them. That goes to show you something about how we conduct ourselves. This is our third season and we are proud to say we are apart of the CheerKats family. Come down and check it out. My girls call CheerKats their home and they absolutely love it. Come see what they are all about!!

CheerKats! #kats4life

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My daughter and I love this gym! My young woman has come a long way in her tumbling and cheer skills. I have personally enjoyed each and every Cheer Competition and function this gym has attended, in which all CheerKat All-Star Cheerleaders represented themselves, their families, and their studio gracefully. CheerKats have done amazing work for my daughter and they compliment the lifestyle I instill in her as far as team work and self esteem are concerned. This gym has always been available to handle any questions that arise and I am given consultation and consideration when requested. Thank you letting us become a part of the CheerKat family over the last 4 years! Our household appreciates all that you do! Here's to another great and fun season! Cant wait for Nationals! :) #kats4life

Cheer gym

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Very lucky to be apart of this amazing gym!! #kats4life

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