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When Tobi and I started City Creek Mortgage in 1998, we set out to create a unique mortgage experience for our clients. We realized that many people have home loans, but few have true professionals who are ensuring their loans are properly structured and managed. In addition, there are not many homeowners who have advisors teaching them cash flow and debt management. As a result, many families are in crisis.

A properly structured mortgage is one of the cornerstones to financially empowered families. When families pay more interest than they should, or pay a higher allocation of their monthly income to service their obligations than fits within budget, challenges arise. Often, the consequences of mismanaged cash flow and net worth extend far beyond a family’s personal financial statement. Our purpose is based on empowering people and families to live comfortably and securely, and to make wise financial decisions to help prevent the unintended consequences of poor financial choices and habits.

As one of the top mortgage planners in Utah, we have a team of highly skilled and talented professionals designed to provide world-class advice and service to our clients. We specialize in all types of residential mortgage loans, for every homeowner. As Wealthcare Professionals, we are honored to serve those looking to purchase a home or refinance their mortgage.

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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I don't trust them

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Should start with it's nice to see they give back to their clients and reward them for trusting them with their biggest purchase...but we did not have a good experience. We used City Creek for a new mortgage-saw ad, called, compared rate and they were a little better. Our experience was different than those in the Gephart video. They missed timelines. They showed poor judgement. The manager had to get involved. Our rate changed during process. We never got a warm cookie, never invited to a party, No annual mortgage review, No one ever met us face-to-face. I'm paying $3500 more per year because of their mistakes and I could be getting a donut at a party. I wanted to go elsewhere, but mortgages don't work like that. Looking at reviews on sites, looks like people refinancing are happier than those with a new one. Gephart Approved? This makes me less likely to trust Gephart.


great service!

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We did a loan with City Creek in record time for an incredibly low price! The title company however, made an error and dispersed double property tax payments. We struggled to resolve this with the title company (Magellan Title) and several weeks into this, Brandi GEIGER from City Creek called to check on us. We told her that our loan experience with City Creek was great but that we were having trouble getting our money back from the title company. Brandi called them right away and we were able to pick up a check the very next morning! WOW!! Would most definitely recommend City Creek.


Best Mortgage Company in Utah

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Our first experience with City Creek was about 8 years ago. One of our neighbors recommended them when they heard we wanted to refinance. Initially we were only comparing information between City Creek and our current lender, never expecting to actually change lenders. We told Mike our intentions and he still took the time to help us. He explained everything about the process and never once seemed bothered about how many questions we had. He actually educated us, knowing that our business was likely going somewhere else. In the end, we chose to go with City Creek. The service we received was above and beyond anything we could have expected.. When we needed services again we didn't even look anywhere else. From start to finish everyone took care of us and we continue to recommend City Creek to everyone we know. If you want honest service and wonderful people helping you navigate the confusing world of mortgages look no further. City Creek is the best!



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Linda, and Valerie was fantastic. We were on contract and closed in under 3 weeks. I own multiple properties and have used multiple mortgage companies. I will never use another company again. They are the best hands down in Utah!!!


Outstanding Service

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City Creek Mortgage has been providing amazing service to me and my family for years. The staff is very professional and eager to help in any way they can. City Creek goes above and beyond expected levels of service I would recommend them to anyone looking for real estate financing.

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