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When Tobi and I started City Creek Mortgage in 1998, we set out to create a unique mortgage experience for our clients. We realized that many people have home loans, but few have true professionals who are ensuring their loans are properly structured and managed. In addition, there are not many homeowners who have advisors teaching them cash flow and debt management. As a result, many families are in crisis.

A properly structured mortgage is one of the cornerstones to financially empowered families. When families pay more interest than they should, or pay a higher allocation of their monthly income to service their obligations than fits within budget, challenges arise. Often, the consequences of mismanaged cash flow and net worth extend far beyond a family’s personal financial statement. Our purpose is based on empowering people and families to live comfortably and securely, and to make wise financial decisions to help prevent the unintended consequences of poor financial choices and habits.

As one of the top mortgage planners in Utah, we have a team of highly skilled and talented professionals designed to provide world-class advice and service to our clients. We specialize in all types of residential mortgage loans, for every homeowner. As Wealthcare Professionals, we are honored to serve those looking to purchase a home or refinance their mortgage.

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Great experience

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We refinanced our home with City Creek Mortgage. They treated us professionally, and the entire process was very smooth. I will definitely be using them for all my future mortgage needs.


Thanks, City Creek

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My wife and I just refinanced our home with City Creek, and we had a great experience. They got us an outstanding interest rate with very little required at closing. We worked with Alexis, Desire'e, and Kandi and received regular updates on the progress of the application. There's inevitably a lot of documentation required for any refinance loan, but we were given precise instructions and instant feedback that made the whole process much easier. The people we worked with were all professional and friendly. Thank you very much, City Creek



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I have to tell you that my experience with City Creek was phenomenal ! i wanted to refi my house and i do not have derogatory credit or a lack of income. I had attempted to use First Option mortgage and right away out the gates this guy tried to put me in a bad FHA loan with mortgage insurance. I walked away and went to another mortgage company and 3 1/2 months later still couldn't seem to get it done,they didn't know how to read a P&L. When i found City Creek i spoke with Linda and right away she showed concern for the stress i was experiencing. She completely understood what i was going through and immediately went to work. We handed over all the documents that she would need that we had used with the other 2 companies. Linda and Stephanie compiled it all and really didn't need anything else to get my loan closed at a great rate. Linda and Stephanie were truly a blessing to me. I will be referring everyone i know to them. They are a very professional and customer orientated company.



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Very happy with City Creek Mortgage. Lowest rate on my refinance. I had some issue with my credit report ( false information) they fixed it and I had more money back at closing than I expected. They were friendly courteous and efficient. I will use them again and would recommend them to anyone. They worked with my travel schedule and were very nice about changes.



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Got pre-approved thru City Creek Mortgage (CCM). I find a house to buy in Park City. CCM uses Quicken Loans, Google & read reviews on Quicken loans! SAD! CCM missed 2 of our funding deadlines They waited to the last minute to get an appraisal. My Earnest Money went hard, and CCM could not get me final approval, they kept saying "we are working on it," "the investors are reviewing the appraisal", All lip service keeping me on the hook, Long story made short, I let my earnest money go hard(non refundable) CCM still could not tell me yes, or tell me no. So I had to pay cash. or loose $25000 earnest money or loose getting the house. CCM was willing to let me loose $25000! I'm still waiting from CCM for funding, or a re-fi or anything. Even an answer that I cant get funding at all. IT BEEN 7 WEEKS (I closed already) AND STILL NO ANSWER! Last Email, said they have other lenders looking at my file. Like I believe this? AVOID THIS COMPANY I hate leaving one star, but no other option

Owner response: We strive to be the most trusted, respected and loved mortgage company in Utah. However, sometimes we fail. Quicken was required to send jumbo loans for a review of the appraisal. With all conditions of qualification signed off, we decided to guarantee his deposit if there was an issue with the property. When the closing date arrived, we were still waiting for the review. Rather than extend the close date, Jeff decided to pay cash for the home. Protecting our clients’ earnest money is extraordinarily important to us. Since opening in 1998, we have never lost a borrower’s deposit. In this case, had he not chosen to pay cash for the home, or been able to extend the contract date, we would have covered his losses. Jeff has expressed interest in refinancing with us to recoup most of the cash he paid for the home. My goal is that he will someday be a Raving Fan. I’m deeply sorry for the delay in the appraisal review process, and the challenges he endured paying cash for the home.

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