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The right choice for beautiful landscape, We can save you time this busy summer season.  having a professional contractor perform your spring turn on and full evaluation of your system. 

Properly maintaining your system means a healthy, beautiful landscape and more free time to enjoy your lawn and garden.

The irrigation industry has advanced significantly in the last decade by incorporating water saving products, that can help reduce water waste, Colorscaping believes in educating our clients with proper watering techniques and strategies to help conserve water and reduce water usage and waste. We use high quality sprinkler parts and fittings.


Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 6:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 6:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday 8:00am - 12:00pm

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Colorscaping - Sprinkler Repair Specialist

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Colorscaping - Sprinkler Repair Specialist

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Very Unprofessional

by on

I have been trying to get him to come and finish the job he said he would do the beginning of May. They continue to schedule me and never show up and never bother to call to tell me they are not coming. When I do get hold of them, they promise me that the next date they give me has me as a priority to get done. They have done this 6 times. His prices were extremely high but he was recommended so I went with him. DON'T make my mistake. Find someone else. He only did a fraction of the job when he did come and he didn't even finish the part that he started. I have a partially finished drip system that I am not sure even works. Good Luck with finding a more professional sprinkler business.


Poor Experience

by on

I found Color Scaping online and saw that reviews had favored them very well. I called to schedule an appt a week out. I made 2 separate phone calls to ensure that everything was scheduled. When the time came for them to service my home, they never came. When I called I was told that they had not put it on their schedules and would not be able to come by for another week. They made no attempt to correct their mistake and I was told only that they did not have me on their schedules. This company is very unprofessional and I do not recommend them for anyone.


Not thorough. Took my money and didn't fix the problems.

by on

I used this company to repair a sprinkler system of ours and explained in detail what needed to be done to fix it and to explain the issues I was having with it. I got a call from Kris the owner that the work was done and that the problems were resolved. When in fact all they had done was fixed some sprinkler heads and some unnecessary parts. I was left with the same issues as before they charged me hundreds of dollars to supposedly fix it. Very disappointed. I couldn't have been more clear on what the problems were and what needed to be done to fix them. Not thorough. Beware despite the good reviews. Not sure if I got them on a bad day or what.


Thanks, Chris!

by on

Great service, extremely prompt, very professional, did the job quickly and thoroughly and offered fair price. Would definitely use Colorscaping again. Locally owned- Chris is a great guy and knows what he's doing. Had everything he needed with him, didn't have to take forever going to the store. They repaired my sprinkler system. Thanks!



by on

Chris turned off and blew out my sprinklers for the winter, he was prompt and had fair prices. It's nice to find someone who offers such great service for a good price.

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