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Computer Hospital is located at 8721 S. State Street.  in Sandy, Utah.  We can repair any Desktop or Laptop Computer!

$49.95 Flat Fee Laptop/Desktop Computer Repair.  All work is guaranteed!

Is your computer running slow?
Do you have a Virus or Spyware? 
Are you getting error messages? 
Is your Laptop/iPad/Tablet screen broken?

Why buy a new computer when your old computer can be fixed for under $50.00?  Here is a list of services we provide:

- Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal
- Windows/Program Error Messages
- Computer won’t boot
- Software Setup/Troubleshooting
- Password Recovery
- Update Install Drivers
- Printer Troubleshooting
- Setup Complete Backup Solution
- Software Optimization
- Hardware Diagnostics
- Hard Drive Imaging
- Network Setup/Configuration
- Computer Tune-Up/Diagnostics
- Hardware Upgrades/Troubleshooting
- Laptop/iPad/iPhone/Droid Screen Replacement
- Data Recovery/Data TransfersMany issue can be fixed remotely using while your watch!

We know you have many choices to pick from on KSL.  Give us a call to see why we are the best!  We can handle all of your home or small business needs.  Give us a call today!

Call/Text (801)477-7FIX (477-7349) or visit our store located at:

Computer Hospital
8721 South State Street
Sandy, Utah 84070

Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm

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Computer Hospital 49.95 Flat Fee Repair

$49.95 Flat Fee Computer Repair

Details: $49.95 Flat Fee Computer Repair

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I'll be a life time customer!

by on

This place is great, their prices can not be beat. They do the work quickly, generally in the same day or by the next day for sure your computers done, if they dont have to order in any parts. After the re-installs they put on Microsoft office, and adobe, and all that good stuff. My computers working like as if it was brand new. I was debating if I should just buy a new computer, or just fix my old one, but for just $49 its so much better to get it repaired, and for $25, they were able to do a data recovery and transfer to my new Hard Drive. I highly recommend this small town business, great customer service!

Really good service!

by on

So I brought in my computer, they were able to do a windows re-install really that same day. I really like the quick service of these small town businesses. I also have a lap top, i took it to some other places, and they wanted to charge me like almost $200 to fix it. But here at the computer hospital, it only costed me for the new part they ordered in, and for the flat fee labor. So it was so much cheaper than other places. Also they have some sweet, high quality gaming custom computers. Go check them out.

Computer repair

by on

Went in to get keyboard changed out in the process of that they lost my laptops charger and wanted to charge me for another only after refusing to buy a new one did they give me one of their generic chargers and then when I got my laptop home I found that they had installed their anti virus program without asking and ever since my laptop has never functioned correctly , when I asked them fix whatever they did to my laptop, I was told " no",The best he could do for me for messing up my laptop was charge me basically 1/2 of their flat fee, which is unexceptable considering they caused this problem, all in all , I would not recommend them

Hidden Fees

by on

The $49.95 does NOT incl. backing up your computer. That is an additional charge of $25. Dont be mislead & I think the owner smokes wacky weed or something because you can have a conversation or two with him and he forgets what you said almost instantly. I would NEVER go there again & I really have to wonder about previous reviews. My experience was totally the opposite of other reviewers. They will also constantly quote to you what other places charge or will charge. Look around afterwards I found 3 other places in Sandy that would have done it cheaper & had a better reputation.

Very good service

by on

I broke my laptop and took it in to them. They ran diagnostics and let me know it would be $180 for a new hard drive and install. This is for a 500gb hard drive. I decides to just do it muself which is probably a bad idea. i asked them to break down the cost. it was &130 for the drive and $50 for labor. i asked how much i owed for them to check it out, they said free. The diagnostics were totally free so I don't know why other ratings would say otherwise. Overall a good business with some cool gaming comps in the lobby.

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