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    We base our work on quality, in hardware, in software, and in service. We strive to save the customer money, while increasing the quality. Currently we offer Pick-up and Drop-off or Drop-off and Pick-up service, this is due to me being crippled.
    I have been repairing computers since 1995, and have previously worked as General Manager of a computer repair company. I am currently crippled so that I cannot do onsite repairs anymore.


Free Diagnostics is done first to determine the origin of the problem(s).
-Internal check of all parts.
-Hardware test on all necessary parts.
-Anti-virus and anti-spyware/malware scans.
-Operating system and program performance check.

If hardware is determined to be the problem(s).
-Properly remove problem hardware.
-Hand pick hardware replacement from quality brand with no markup on cost.
-Properly install replacement hardware.
-Install any necessary software for replacement hardware to work properly.

If software is determined to be the problem(s), it will either be; virus, spyware/malware, operating system, program, or any combination.

If virus or spyware/malware is determined to be the problem(s).
-Remove with anti-virus or anti-spyware/malware program.
-If not removed, then manually remove virus or spyware/malware.

If operating system or program is determined to be the problem(s).
-Take any necessary procedure to fix operating system or program.
-If operating system or program(s) cannot be fixed, then make backups of all necessary files, finally uninstall and reinstall operating system or program(s).

Sales & Upgrades

Parts specifically picked for quality, and necessity to the customers needs and wants.

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Computer Industry Professionals

Offer code: 1HR41PC

1 Hour for 1 Old Computer

Details: 1 Hour of work for free when you bring in an old broken computer, does not matter how old or how broken. 1 Hour of work off per customer.