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A+ Computer Medik provides on-site or retail store front computer repair or support for homes or businesses. We sale and repair desktops and notebooks of anykind. We offer hosting for website and email. Do data recovery. Fix most broken notebook, mac,phone and ipad screens. Offsite backups, Monthly contracts. Network installation and repair, Run network cable and even install wireless into your exsisting internet provider. We can do most work. We now offer Mac repair for thsoe that are out of warranty. Over 25 yrs exp.

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Computer Medik

Offer code: KSL ADD

50% Off Labor Rate

Details: Bring computer into reatail store front for fixing and we will only charge you half the cost of our normal labor rate. *This offer does not apply to our mobile services or data recovery service.

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John's The Man

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I work for and my girlfriend's IP address got reset on her modem and router somehow and her internet was not working properly. We were constantly on the phone with Comcast and Netscape for days. Netscape wanted to charge us $110.00 for them to "fix" our problem by "upgrading" our software that we had just bought 2 month earlier and Comcast kept saying its not their problem. John ended up being a client I received 2 months ago and I did not know him that well but unlike the other computer clients I had for almost a year, John was the only one to answer and return my call. Not only did he actually call me back he came by on a Saturday afternoon all the way downtown and he spent 30 minutes on my girlfriends computer and fixed everything!!! He even went out of his way to set up passwords, log ins, etc. The most important thing was that he showed up on time was professional and he only cost me $45.00 which was well worth it! Thanks a million John!!


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I thought it only right to thank John and his crew for all that he has done to repair my \"HUKERD PUKERD\" laptop that is about 13 years old. He has brought it back from the dead about 4 or 5 times now, and saved all my happy memories from the computer without even losing a file. Vern

Computert Service

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I was having lots of computer problems and was very frustrated. Ephraim was very educated and very patient with me as I went over all my stress with this computer. He was very kind and took some time to help me understand what was going on with my computer.He also fixed it by the next day, I was so impressed. He also helped me understand how to defragment and clean up my computer and also doing virus scans etc, to help the performance of my computer. Anyway I am a happy customer. Thx Teresa

Great Service and Fast!!!!

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Very helpful and knowledgeable, answered all my questions. The prices were great and the service was fast. Would use again and would recommend using ComputerMedik.

Superb customer service

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We have been a customer for many years. As we have expanded our business, Computer Medik has helped us staying current and efficient with our computer needs. The service is great, on time, reasonable, and honest. He also takes care of all our personal computer needs, same service be it one computer or a server with multiple computers. We are very satisfied with their service and we recommend it to our friends.

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