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Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Virus Removal, and Spyware removal specialists. On-Site or drop-off laptop and computer repair services.

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Honest and affordable repair.

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Long story short.. I took my system to compuclinic due to my system report my hard drive was failing. Johanna I think is his name told me that it would cost roughly about $200 to replace the hard drive and reinstall all software. I already purchase the hard drive for the laptop. I told him that other place told me it would only cost around $50 to reinstall software only. To this Johanna reply that that person don’t know what they are doing if it is that cheap. It amaze me how he could bad talk a other person so he can get the business. I was referred to Lincoln by a friend who he did work for, and Lincoln restored my laptop for a reasonable price and his service was fast. Thank you Diann


High Competency and Character

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Our small business office was unable to network the 3 printers to the 3 computers and to faciliitate scanning from printers computers. Lincoln came to our office ontime at the appointment we scheduled and took care of all the issues timely and charged us a very reasonable amount and much less than anyone else would have. Additionally, one had an issue after Lincoln left and would not recognize the scan, we called Lincoln and at no extra cost he talked us through the fix.


Exceptional Service

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Exceptional, I took my Mac book to the Simple Mac for video issues my daughter was having on YouTube. Distorted video replaying video clips from YouTube and other website. Simple Mac told me it would cost $150 and it would take about 3 day before they can get to repair the Mac book computer. I was referred to Ramkil Computer service by my mother-in-law, lo and behold he took ten minutes and my Mac book was repaired and work. My kid was happy and it cost my only $20. Great service and fast turn-around time. Great Job Eldon


Dead Hard Drive

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My Hard Drive died and It would cost hundreds of dollar to have my data recover and Hard Drive replace as quoted. A fellow church member refer to Lincoln, I contacted him about my computer problem. At fate would have it he was able to recover my data and replace the Hard Drive for minimal cost to me. I appreciate his professionalism and excellent service! I would not hesitate to recommend his for his services.