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Utah’s Finest Tile Installer! Steve 836-3222. I do all the Work Myself with over 25 Years of Experience. From a Starter Home, Remodel, or Executive mansion, I can help you with all of your Tile needs. I install all types of Tile, GLASS Mosaic, Marble, Porcelain, Travertine, Granite, and Stone. Guaranteed Best Prices! Call me for a Free Estimate. Let my experience guide you through your tile project. Many jobs are completed in only one day. I am happy to answer any questions you might have about your tile installation. Feel free to call me anytime to make this a clean, smooth experience. SERVING SALT LAKE, OGDEN, PROVO, PARK CITY and Surrounding Areas. 801-836-3222

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Decided to not go with them

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Asked for a quote. I have laid tile but wanted professionals to install 24 x 6 wood looking tile with a 1/16" space, since I have only done square and in smaller areas. They came on-time to quote. With their comments I got the feeling they were we versed and had the experience. I seriously had to haggle from the start. Then we settled on a price, including self leveling in a section. He had me drive to SLC to purchase self leveler. I arrived to find that the amount quoted for just the leveler had increased by 300%. And the amount required had doubled. It was clear he was continuing to haggle. This is when he became demeaning and rude, "that if I wanted a good job I should by the premium leveler". Who wants to play games with quality? Since we were just getting started, I walked away. I assume by his character that he would continue to alter pricing. I am happy to pay a man for honest work, just be straight forward.

Exceptional work, have 2 to compare

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Steve is an exceptional tile setter. He takes pride in what he does and takes the time to make sure things are done right. We just completed building a large home (indoor pool, 6.5 baths, 2 kitchens). We got 3 bids (all were comparable in price) and initially went with someone else, because they had a crew and could get it done quicker. After they completed one space (the pool), they were fired and I hired Steve. The workmanship between the two is night and day different. It was well worth the extra time it took to have Steve do the work. The corners in all of the showers line up (unlike the walls in my pool room), the edges are all rounded, wall tiles are all flush, etc. It is perfect (and I'm a very picky customer). Steve is a very easy going guy and was willing to work with all my specific design requests, like building shelves, benches, and niches in my showers. He is honest, cost conscious, and did the job for the price he quoted. I'd recommend him all day long.

Shower / Bathroom Floor

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We use Steve whenever we can get him. A true Craftsman in the tile business. We have used his services over the past 20 years and have always been happy with his service. Steve always gives us a price up front, if things change after he gets into the project he lets us know of any additional cost. Steve has always been honest and straight forward with his pricing. This project in SLC turned out awesome.


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Called Steve and asked him to bid a bathroom shower, bathroom floor and adjacent hallway. He was very busy, but gave me a fair quote over the phone based on the measurements I provided. I hired him and he was able to squeeze me into his schedule within one week. He came every day to complete the work and did a beautiful job. Steve is a craftsman and takes pride in his work. When the job was done his invoice was less than his bid because he found that some of the prep work he had anticipated had already been completed. We did not expect or request the discount. He is totally honest and trustworthy. We are very pleased with the finished product and highly recommend him.


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First we had Steve do our Kitchen floor. The tile looks great, but the grout is not a uniform color. There are a lot of dark areas among the lighter grout. We then had Steve do our bathroom. He told us it would take a week, but it took almost 4 weeks. There were days where he said he would come and never showed up. My husband was out of town for a lot of it. I would let him in my house while I was at work (He was trustworthy) and come check on things on my lunch break. He told my husband that I was asking too many questions (Really? It's my house...I can ask all the questions I want, especially when there is virtually no communication from his end). The tile looks fine now, but there are some spots I wish were more professional looking. I would not hire him again based on time it took and the lack of communication.

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