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Dads Tree Service specializesin not only Tree work, But all around yard care, Including up to date landscaping ! Tree trimming ,Tree removal, Transplanting, Stump removal, Rockwalls , Spinkling systems, Sod,And Waterfalls are just some of the many services that we offer. WE CAN DO YOUR YARD FROM START TO FINISH.CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.

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Dad's Tree Service

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Excellent job

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I want to thank scott and his team for the incredible job he has done on my yard. Project one was removing 18 trees I return home from work and my yard looked amazing it was like the trees vanished. Project two, decorative rock park strip, beautifully done.Scott is very creative and brilliant at what he does! Great prices and professional work. I can't wait to get started ob the next project .Thank you

Trees/ landscaping

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we had some tree trims by dads tree service ,they were polite fast and efficent about there work ,i would recommend them to anyone looking for tree work. they did a awesome job thanks dads tree service

Feeling cheated and angry.

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Maybe I'm unlucky but I had a BAD experience. They were polite on the phone & prompt...until they showed up. Scott never called before he came - only let me talk to the receptionist & I never knew what was going on. Extremely pushy, rude, vulgar, spit all over my yard & sidewalks, wouldn't listen to my direction, lied to us a few times, didn't listen to what I wanted & then left the job undone. I needed 2 small locust trees removed. I wanted them pulled up & the shallow roots taken out. I got home from work I found they had lied about our agreement, pushed their way in, they had cut down both trees & ground the stumps. Then they wouldn't remove the sawdust for "liability issues." Come to find they didn't remove the dust because then we could see that only half the stumps were gone & NONE of the roots. I called the office & cell MANY times & never he answered or replied. I then spent 6 hours with an axe digging it all up myself. I have pictures for proof. $500 cash COMPLETELY WASTED.

My New Waterfall

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First, I want to thank Scott and his crew for all the hard work. My waterfall is gorgeous, i love the sound of the running water. The lights they put in the fall are way pretty at night. My neighbours love it as much as i do. Dads Trees did such an awesome job. They did everything i asked them to do. Every little problem was addressed very quickley. I would rate them on a scale of 1-10 a 10+. The work was done with professionalism, and respect. I will use them again in the future. I hope some day to expand.. p.s the pics you see are my waterfall. Jodi Sessions

my wounderful yard

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I will have to tell everyone how wonderful my yard looks I have a very amazing waterfall and my yard don't even look like I had a tree in it were they cut it down and took the stump out now when I have family party's in my back yard they everyone say who did your back yard I tell them dad's tree service thank you so much for my great back yard Nickie