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Awful Company!!!

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We had them install back in April and had an awful experience. Getting them scheduled was a nightmare and getting a call back was unheard of. Once we finally got them scheduled for the install it was almost 2 weeks later than planned. THEY INSTALLED THE FENCE CROOKED! It almost looked like a zig zag line. The installers (Justin and Matt) agreed that it was 6 inches off from being a straight line. They were still reluctant and complaining when I asked them to reset the posts. So under personal supervision it was completed with complaining the whole time. Today I found a broken sprinkler line that had been hit by a post that the installers neglected to mention they had hit back in April. I called the owner (Terry) and got no where. He was unapologetic and insincere. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!


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This company has awful customer service. We agreed to go with them over a month ago. We finally got put on the schedule. They told us they would set posts a specific day. They came to our project, and marked where the posts would go, but did not do any work. Come to find out, they still have to order the material for our project. When I called today to inquire why no work is been done, both the sales rep and the manager/owner started shouting and interrupting me They hung up on me twice. The sales rep told me that once the job is sold, it is out of his hands and not up to him to make sure we are taken care of. The manager/owner (not sure which he is) told me that our job means nothing to him, and he is booked out until September, and he is happy to cancel our contract because we haven't given him any money. He gave multiple excuses as to why they did not follow the timeline we were given. All in all, he was rude, yelled, very harsh, and disrespectful. I don't recommend this company.

Dishonest and throws weight around

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I would never recommend this company. In fact, I wouldn't wish these guys on my worse enemies!! Quotes one price then doubles AFTER completing the job and threatens lawsuits and liens unless paid in full. KSL suggests I point out the positive.. Well, there is none. Employees urinated on the house. Again, never ever ever would I recommend this company. You're better off throwing your money directly into the garbage disposal.


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The worst choice ever!!!!!!!!!!!! They are not the people to hire I promise. After such a negative experience I got online to write some reviews warning people and see that they have a large history of very negative complaints and a long history of being taken to court over it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR TRUST THE MAN YOU'LL SPEAK WITH TERRY. He is a two bit salesman and will try to seem appealing but once you start, the timeline will be blown, promises broken, shoty work, and an abundance of extra charges. Save your selfs from this sick man and his shoty attempt at a business and go with someone that is a professional and you can trust their history. Look this man up.....terry pilon! You'll see for your self! The fence was never installed, they broken several huge branches off of mature trees, damaged the sprinkler, didn't do the work they said they would complete, and didn't show up days and when they did they only worked a few hours. DONT DO IT! Save your sanity and your money.

Save yourself the headache

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Stan came to bid my project & seemed knowledgeable. I walked the property with him & watched him take his measurements. At that time we bid our fence going to the sidewalk.I took out a building permit & was told the fence needed to be 5 feet in from the sidewalk by the city. I immediately called Quality to let them know that the footage would be a little less. It took over 2 weeks for my fence of less then 200 square feet to be completed. Things were not done when I was told they would be & there was always an excuse. My final invoice was for more footage then the original bid even though the fencing was reduced by 5 feet per the city. Obviously there was a mistake with the bid or the invoice. When I talked to Terry in the office he was extremely rude & argumentative. He cut me off when I was trying to explain the footage difference & he is very condescending. I have NEVER dealt with anyone as unprofessional. If I treated my customers like he treated me, I wouldn't have a job.

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