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Locally owned and operated. Discount Air Duct Cleaning Company is committed to improving the health and comfort of your home, protect your family and reduce your homes energy costs. We focus on keeping your indoor air clean and your system running efficiently. You can trust D.A.D.C.C. to listen to your needs, your lifestyle and your budget to provide the best solution and product for your home.

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Horrible Company!!

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Totally unhappy with this so called company, they came out with what looked like an over sized rug doctor to do the cleaning. He cleaned "as far as it would reach" up the vent instead of actually cleaning the whole vent system as shown in the picture. The technician didn't seem to care about dragging the hose into all my furniture rather agressively. Then breaking my dryer mist attachment right out of the wall and then asking if he could stand on the dryer... Then goes ahead and stands on my computer desk after being told not to stand on any furniture! I could have done this service myself and saved the 49.00 plus he tried to charge us more for the additional returns.... This company is AWFUL!


Bait and switch; overcharge; crappy company

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Totally dishonest marketing; they say they'll do 10 vents, 1 main, and 1 return for $50...and then they get there and suddenly the price is $350 instead because they said I had 3 mains, 3 returns, 17 vents, and they had to take the covers off the vents (um, the majority of my vents are the kind you just pull out of the floor and aren't attached to anything; the guy had to do 5 covers, max, and if he told me that it cost extra, I would've gotten out my drill--identical to his, actually--and done them myself.) Bait and switch is a sign of a bad company. They actually had several of the red flags in this article: http://www.good4utah.com/content/news/top%20stories/story/ABC-4-Hidden-Camera-Investigation-Air-Duct/d/story/NzvjvHLFfEyk0yFfK0BV4g Too bad I didn't read it 'til after. :( DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!


Air Duct Cleaning

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Dishonest marketing! Their sales pitch is the $50 cleaning but when they get into your home they push hard to clean other things like your dryer vent, coil, etc. They charge a RIDICULOUS amount to do these cleanings and I was basically told that if I didn't buy them the $50 cleaning would be pointless. Once the cleaning started I was told that the employee didn't have a towel and would need to borrow one to clean with. (He later found one) After being an hour late, taking 3 hours to clean the vents I told him that we needed to wrap it up that I had to pick up my 4 year old. His response "Just go get him and I will stay here." When it was all said and done I was in such a hurry to get him to go and didn't realize that they made additional "adjustments" to my bill and charged me for services that they can't even explain. Not impressed. I will never call them again, and I warn those who do.


Dishonest marketing.

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We scheduled a duct cleaning using a $49.99 coupon. After a detailed phone conversation, my wife was assured that the out the door price would in fact be $49.99, and a maximum of $10 to $20 for extra vent. When the tech arrived, we got the same treatment as the previous reviewer. He said that we had an extra main and an extra return, and that the price would be $150. Then they he refused to leave without performing at least the $50 service, which would have been nearly useless and would need to be redone. This is a dishonest sales tactic.


Less than

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The service tech was professional and did not leave a mess or damage anything. However, the tech charged me an extra $89 for a service I should not have been charged. When I noticed this I called and asked for a refund of the extra charge. I was turned down because the company considers my return duct to be an "additional main". I called other duct cleaning companies, including a national company, and they all confirmed that this is not consistent with their practices and that a return is defined as the opening and pathway leading to the furnace. Discount defines a return as being only the opening behind the return vent and zero of the pathway. The main in charge at the office stated he did not want to "leave a bad taste in my mouth" about the service and, in so many words, that the coupon was just a way for them to come into a home and build a rapport before mentioning extra costs. A recent general inspection stated my ducts need cleaning. Use a more upfront, BBB accredited company.