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Why go anywhere else? The valley's best kept secret for Daycare, Boarding, Award winning Grooming and Training plus a full retail store. 5 time winners of the Fabby award for best Grooming, 5 time winners of Best of Salt Lake in Dog Training and the 2012 KSL A-List winners for best grooming and best dog training!

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Monday - Friday 7:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4:00pm

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Awful grooming, horrible management, NOT TRUSTWORTHY

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I have been taking my dog here for years. 3 months ago my dog was groomed, $100 charge. He barely seemed like he had been washed & not clipped at all. We have been coming here for quite some time and the groomer did a great job, that time was not good. I chalked it up to the groomer having a bad day and let it slide. I was told the previous groomer quit and the manager had been doing the grooming. Yesterday, had him groomed with specific instruction on what needed to be done & to call with questions or problems. I picked him up and he was brought (conveniently) out of the back door COMPLETELY SHAVED. My dog is a Wooly Malamute/Husky, these dogs should not be shaved. I called multiple times, only to receive a return call stating the manager was "busy" and would not take my call. I was told I am a bad dog owner and they had no choice but to shave him. IF that is the case, WHICH IT IS NOT, that is my choice to make and not YOURS. HORRIBLE business owner/not accountable for his actions.

Owner response: I will post all of your grooming card visits (which will not be every 4 to 6 weeks like your dogs breed website recommends), your note for my business to go as "short as you can go" and the pictures of the pelt we took off your neglected dog! Remember top brushing (if youve ever done that) does not equal brushing! I asked you what type of undercoat rake you have to brush your dog with? You asked me what is a undercoat rake?? But like I told you on the phone, we did exactly as you asked. We made your neglected dog feel better. His skin condition was so bad that it literally brought tears to me eyes. I have seen a lot of things in my 11 years of taking care of dogs, but this is something. Just know I have all of the things you have, or truth be told have'nt done for your dog on paper. Plus I have your dogs pelt you asked us to shave off too! Giving your dog food does not equal you being the amazing dog owner you told me you are!

Great place for a dog, especially an energetic one.

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Dogs R Us is the best daycare/boarding/grooming place in Salt Lake, hands down. if you have a young/energetic dog like me, it can be hard to give them enough of an outlet. I take my dog Holly running, walking, hiking, and to dog parks on a regular basis, but it's often times still not enough. In addition to including her in my active lifestyle, I give Holly a couple days a week of daycare at Dogs R Us so she's not getting bored while I'm at work. Dogs R Us has done such a good job taking care of her at daycare that I've taken all of my haircutting business there as well, which they have also excelled at. Their prices are already low, but when you catch them on a sale, the deals are simply excellent. This is a business that I like to support and I will continue to do so in the future.

Do not take your fur baby here for a groom.

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Took my 2 dogs 1 to be groomed & 1 a bath. The groomer called me stating they were done I asked how they were the groomer said Roxie was a little nervous (she is groomed & bathed regularly never had an issue) & she nicked her ear but it was tiny but its the ear so it bled a lot so she put stuff on it to stop the bleeding. I was not concerned since I was told it was only a nick I was happy to get them so I just paid and left w/out thinking as I approached a red light I noticed she was cut NOT nicked on both ears. I called to speak to a mng the lady that answered said she was pretty much the manager (Melinda) I told her how upset I was that this happened I was lied to about her injury. She apologized & said Jeff the owner would call me on Saturday he did not call me and all attempts to call have been unanswered and un-returned. My dog is not the same she is such a sad little girl. What they did and not acknowledging it is bad business and a good indication that it is not the first time.

Owner response: As the owner of Dogs R Us this is the first I am hearing of this. I appologize that anything happened to your dog while being groomed here. The groomer that worked here at that time no longer is employed here. Our new Groomer Denise is awesome and would love you to give us another try. I would like to offer you $10 off your next groom to give us another try.

Awesome facility

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Love Dogs R Us. We send our dog Thor there 4 to 5 times a week. Thor is a bit of a special needs dog, as he has seizures. The crew at Dogs R Us pay special attention to him on the days when he is extra unsteady, and that we appreciate. And Thor loves it, as he practically drags us from the car into the building every morning. All in all, glad we found this gem of a daycare facility in Salt Lake. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking to board their dog.

Great daycare!

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My rescue dog, Olie, recently started to have separation anxiety. I needed to find a place where he could play during the day that would not kill my budget and was close enough that I could work the drop off into my schedule. I found Dogs R Us, and it has been a life saver. Olie is excited to get there, and he is exhausted when we get home. A tired dog is a less anxious dog. The staff is very friendly, and they love dogs. Dogs R US is a place I definitely recommend.

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