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awsome work and very fast

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We have been sending a few jobs there way and they are fast and efficient I am very please with their customer service and their work not complaints which is good for me!!!


Great Guys

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They have been to my home numerous periods to repair sprinkler heads and valves. Currently I had an "emergency" - a valve that was allowing water to get to sprinkler head and wouldn't turn off. There were no master valves going to this valve either. So I was wasting a lot of water and needed help ASAP. Mid-morning I got a call with the news that a technician job was completed early and he could get to my place right away. He came, he fixed, and by the time I got home this problem was over.



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Dr. Sprinkler Repair has helped us two times in the last year; each time they exceeded our expectations. Our sprinkler system had many problems which required some troubleshooting and some repairs beyond our time and ability. The guys had the system assessed and repaired in a few hours, and did a great job. Our second repair was last summer. The technician looked at our issue and provided an estimate for our problem. They went above our expectations by framing a brief barrier to dirt around the new pipe AND upon operational check of the system, repaired a broken valve to a sprinkler head along the hedge. I also liked that they offered to come return to turn the water back on after the pvc cement dried if I needed him to; my husband was gone for the day.


Dr. Sprinkler Repair offer great customer service,

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Dr. Sprinkler Repair offer great customer service, workmanship, and reliability. It was a Saturday morning and our tenants reported that two sprinklers popped off and water was everywhere, even spilling into our neighbor's lawn. Out of three companies, Dr. Sprinkler Repair answered the phone. It turned out the water pressure was high and that was the underlying cause for sprinklers popping off. Jim is a great guy, and really loves what he does! His prices were very reasonable, especially for the amount of work he did to resolve our sprinkler issues. In addition to the quality work, he had a quick turnaround time for completing the job. Offered solutions to several problems, will call again in several weeks for new clock



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We initially discussed a estimated $500 for the job and they would be able to finish it that day. Due to some complications including them running out of gas and having to have their van towed. I spoke to him in the evening and he said he was wrapping up only to find out 14 days latter then he had billed me for 11 additional hours there were never discussed or approved. He also bought parts that were never discussed or approved. In total I got a bill for over $1,500. Stay as far away from them as possible as they have deceptive business practices.

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