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Serving Salt Lake, Utah County, Park City areas

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Theft and Lies

by on

Javier stole our money. Beware. He did about half of the job after several delays and then said that the only way he could finish was if he got paid in full so that he could buy his tools back from the pawn shop. We went against our better judgement and gave him the rest of the money and then he immediately disappeared. He cannot be trusted. He is a complete scam artist and a liar. Do not do business with him. Do not even let him come to your house.


At Home Office

by on

I stumbled across this company because after calling all the companies with the most reviews I thought, why not give some of these other businesses a try. I called at about 3:00 in the afternoon, and they stopped by that night to give me a bid. It took him about 10 min. he came back with the price, and after calling through 6 or 7 other drywall places these guys beat them hands down. They showed up 2 days later and started, the room was for an at home office that I needed ASAP, He started on a Friday night and was done on Tuesday. They cleaned up after themselves and I think really did things they did not have to do. To prove this is a legit review, you can email me anytime through KSL and we can call and talk to me. I will be using this company when I finish the rest of our home this year.



by on

I want to thank you TEXTURE AND MORE for doing a great job finishing the room downstairs. I needed to get it done but was very hesitant on the price. But when I heard your prices and your willingness to work around my families schedule, I was SOLD. The job was done to my satification and ON TIME!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH.