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Why Hire Us!!!! 

Duane's Carpet Cleaning was established in Utah and is a family owned business.Our mission is to clean carpets and your upholstery the right way! You see there is a right way to clean carpets and upholstery and we are dedicated to doing it the right way. 

  • Pet urine, pet hair, and odors
  • Gum, oil, grease, candy, nail polish, paint, coffee, soda, etc. 
  • High traffic stains and spots
  • We have great success in removing Red stains, orange stains, and any other stain.

It truly is worth your time to call Duane's Carpet Cleaning and at a price everyone can afford. 

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Wonderful job

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Duane cleaned all my rooms and not only did a thorough job, but helped me do some other lifting chores - above and beyond. He worked on some VERY DIFFICULT spots and persisted until he got them done. He was cheerful, prompt and thorough. I highly recommend him. Charlene


Best Cleaning ever!

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I had Duane clean my filthy carpets a couple of months ago. They still look great. He seriously removed years of dirt and stains. My stairs were the worst and they looked great after he finished them. There is only one thing I didn't love and that is that the carpets stayed wet for a couple of days afterward. There was no way around this because of how dirty the carpet was to begin with. It got a thorough cleaning! After it was all dry, the carpets were so soft and continue to feel that way. Also, it was so refreshing to work with a guy who truly enjoy's his work and likes people! Thanks Duane!!


carpet cleaning

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Very professional. Did a wonderful job. Extremely competitive prices. Would definitely call again.



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Duane does a thorough job. He goes the extra mile to make sure that carpets are as clean as possible. I have used him 3 times now. Before that I used to use Stanley Steemer quarterly. I thought that my carpet would need replacing soon,. Wrong!! After Duane cleaned them they looked new again.


Duane's carpet cleaning is the Best!

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Duane did amazing job cleaning my carpets! He has saved me thousands of dollars in replacement costs. I was actually amazed at the true color of my carpets after all the dirt was removed. He stood by his quote even though he did a lot of extra work. Duane has the equipment to get the job done right and the commitment to get them as clean as possible. Very impressed. - Duane thanks for all your hard work. Shane

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