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Why Hire Us!!!! 

Duane's Carpet Cleaning was established in Utah and is a family owned business.Our mission is to clean carpets and your upholstery the right way! You see there is a right way to clean carpets and upholstery and we are dedicated to doing it the right way. 

  • Pet urine, pet hair, and odors
  • Gum, oil, grease, candy, nail polish, paint, coffee, soda, etc. 
  • High traffic stains and spots
  • We have great success in removing Red stains, orange stains, and any other stain.

It truly is worth your time to call Duane's Carpet Cleaning and at a price everyone can afford. 

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Duane is my go to guy for carpet cleaning ever since the first job he did for me. He is hands down fantastic. He is extremely thorough and doesn't charge extra after arriving on site. His over the phone bids have no surprises in them. Duane is both friendly and competent. He is a great guy to work with. I added on a few extra things the first time he cleaned my carpets and he happily stayed to do the extra work. I would have gladly paid him double what he charged me for the excellent work he did. This is the ONLY carpet cleaner I will ever use again.

Best Cleaning EVER!!

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Duane showed up right on time. I typically get my carpets cleaned once a year by various companies. This is my first time using Duanes. BEST CLEANING EVER, HANDS DOWN! I will surely be using this company from now on. No other company has truly impressed me or stood apart from the others. Duanes price was more than fair, he has state-of-the-art equipment, and does the most thorough job I have ever had. There is definately a reason why Duane has so many excellent reviews- HE IS THE BEST.

Extremely thorough---a real perfectionist

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Duane cleaned the carpet in our rental today and brought it back from the dead. His techniques surpass those of every other carpet cleaner I've ever used. He took great care and time to ensure that the carpet looked its absolute best. I was amazed at how good he made everything look. He was very professional and friendly. I highly recommend him!

Excellent service!

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I was amazed to see the difference in appearance of my carpets after they were cleaned by Duane's Carpet Cleaning. They had not been professionally cleaned in almost 8 years and looked terrible. Duane took whatever time was needed to ensure that he got every stain possible out. Duane was so responsive to all emails and phone calls and is really passionate about providing a quality service. Duane was so personable, honest and easy to deal with. I could not be happier with his service.

Awesome job

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i highly recommend the professionalism and quality of service from Duane. just had my entire house cleaned , the carpets were made to look like new, Duane spent numerous hours working hard . Had me check every room and i am just thrilled with the result. Plus his fee is so reasonable, look no further for carpet cleaning service and call him :) i will remain a customer !

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