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Ekot Properties, Inc. is a Utah based property management corporation that provides customized services to fit each client's need(s). Some of our services include the following:

Rent Analysis
Marketing Strategy- Targeted advertising, Staging units, Open houses
Tenant Evaluation
Rent Collection and Bill Payment- On-time, automatic monthly deposits into owner's trust account, Hassel-free arrangements of operating expenses
Monthly Financial Statements

24 / 7 Maintenance

Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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It's Not Too Bad

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Ekot Properties isn't too bad, I've been with Ekot since January 2014. Esther is willing to help you if you're short on rent for that month. She tries her best to get maintenance down there to fix any problems, but my only problem i have with Ekot properties is maintenance. they don't do their jobs will enough. But i love the location of where i am at and the effort Esther makes to make sure her tenants are happy.


Don't do it!

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If I had the option of choosing no star at all, I would.. I had the worst experience ever while renting from Esther. My roommate and I literally had to pester her to get anything done maintenance wise and if we were lucky it was rarely taken care of. During the winter our pipes would freeze, we would have to boil our own water just to take a bath, this happened way more than once. Her solution to resolving this problem would be to bring in a collection of heaters, keep in mind this was our electricity she was using, but it never worked and we would be stuck with a bill of almost $200. Not once did she ever give us a discount or reimburse the costs. One night we were in the far back bedroom, we weren't aware that anyone knocked and to our surprise the maintainance guy just let himself in to retrieve something he left behind.. pretty sure that is not acceptable. They do what they want with little to no consequences.. You're making a big mistake if you choose Ekot.


renter beware of EKOT properties is dangerous!!!

by on

Ekot properties is a very unorganized And shady operation. We have been renting for 9 mounths. We have suffered elergic reactions, respatory infections, mintal heath stresses all due to severe mold issues, witch took them 4 mounths to start to rectifigh. They take no responsibility for the deteration of my wifes and my health. We have accured tens of thousand of dollers of medical dept due to ekot properties. The appartment is verry clean, however Ester said its due to us being dirty people. The mold is inside the walls. They do not respect the 24 hour rule for maintenance. She showed up real late one night wanting a dolly. I am wondering if she is useing elligal substances. When working on other appartments the fumes come over to our place cousing health issues. They are very loud. Esters children openly come into our appartment at will. She does not keep track of her little ones. Please beware!!!


If possible, avoid renting a property managed by this company.

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- They do not send monthly statements or bills through regular mail and instead come to the residence requesting payment or call you. - Calls often go unanswered. Leaving a voice mail is a pointless exercise as none of my calls have ever been returned. - They will not clear the snow from shared driveways, parking lots, walkways or outdoor steps. - It sometimes takes weeks for repairs to be made. The repairs are always cheap and sometimes don’t last very long. - Contractors conducting renovations in other apartments often block driveways and walkways and do noisy work in the early morning and late night. - They don’t seem to mind violating privacy and the law by entering apartments when tenants aren’t home. - They do not provide adequate trash removal or recycling.

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