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Father & Son Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair are experts in making your carpet (Residential and Commercial) look “like new” again. We guarantee it. Our deep steam (actual steam) system will extract unbelievable debris and grime from your carpet and yet is very gentle. Your carpet will be disinfected and deodorized, and in high traffic areas, spots and stains will be gone. Our procedure is exactly what the carpet manufacturers recommend.

Don’t settle for anything but the best!

Our cleaning materials leave no sticky residue and are approved, biodegradable and safe for our environment.

We are experts in treating and removing:

* Pet urine, pet hair and odors.

* Gum, oil, grease, candy, nail polish, paint, coffee, soda, etc.

* High traffic stains and spots.

* We have great success in removing Red stains, orange stains, and any other stain.

We recommend as do the carpet manufacturers that you have regular professional cleaning to the carpet for long lasting carpet. Your indoor air quality will also greatly improve since your carpet acts like a giant very effective indoor air filter and our system will clean that filter/carpet.

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction and that you will get your money’s worth with our services and we can save you more money when combining our services, such as carpet repair, window cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc.

Your carpets will always look their best with our professional treatment.

Thank you in advance for calling Father & Son Carpet Cleaning.

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No show

by on

I received a call this morning that they would be here between 9-12pm. Then I received a 2nd call that they should be here within 30 minutes. I called shortly after the 30 minutes which was before noon, and called 7 other times to get a VM. Finally someone calls me back saying they can come out a hour later and told them I have already took the day off from work and waited 3+ hours. They said their machine froze, would have been great if they told me that at 10:30am when they would have known, and I wouldn't have been so upset. Sorry I couldn't try their service, I also left them negative feedback on Yelp.


Amazing results!

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Steve and Matt came to my house this morning and cleaned my carpets. We have fairly light colored carpet and I thought it was a lost cause because it was really, really disgusting looking before we had it cleaned. I already got a bid on replacing it. I don't need to now though! It looks brand new!!! I never expected the results we got. I'm pretty happy that Father & Son just saved several thousand dollars because I no longer need to replace my carpet. Highly recommend.


Great Service!!

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I called Father and Son Carpet Cleaning because of my dog not transitioning well to my new home. They helped me right away and let me know that they cared. I found out that their "sub surface" cleaning included hardwood floors...Wow...I had googled for that level of service and believed it hadn't been invented. Their isn't anything this company can't do and they really are incomparable to any other carpet cleaners. Thanks Father and Son Carpet Cleaning! Renee'


Matt and Steve with Father and Son Carpet Cleaning

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My carpets were stained with dog urine. My husband and I tried everything to get out the stains and to get out the smell but nothing ever worked. My friend recommended Father and Son Carpet Cleaning. I hired them to clean my carpets and they did an amazing job. I was so impressed with Matt and Steve. They were awesome. They came in and got the dog urine stains out and the smell. They were such professionals. They are a true asset to your company. I will definitely be using your services again. Thank you so much!!!


Great job!

by on

Steve and Matt did a great job. They were very personable and professional. Our carpet looks wonderful. We've already scheduled them to come back and clean our tile.

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