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Father & Son Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Repair are experts in making your carpet (Residential and Commercial) look “like new” again. We guarantee it. Our deep steam (actual steam) system will extract unbelievable debris and grime from your carpet and yet is very gentle. Your carpet will be disinfected and deodorized, and in high traffic areas, spots and stains will be gone. Our procedure is exactly what the carpet manufacturers recommend.

Don’t settle for anything but the best!

Our cleaning materials leave no sticky residue and are approved, biodegradable and safe for our environment.

We are experts in treating and removing:

* Pet urine, pet hair and odors.

* Gum, oil, grease, candy, nail polish, paint, coffee, soda, etc.

* High traffic stains and spots.

* We have great success in removing Red stains, orange stains, and any other stain.

We recommend as do the carpet manufacturers that you have regular professional cleaning to the carpet for long lasting carpet. Your indoor air quality will also greatly improve since your carpet acts like a giant very effective indoor air filter and our system will clean that filter/carpet.

We Guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction and that you will get your money’s worth with our services and we can save you more money when combining our services, such as carpet repair, window cleaning, tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc.

Your carpets will always look their best with our professional treatment.

Thank you in advance for calling Father & Son Carpet Cleaning.

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Great Company

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This is the third time I have had Father Son Carpet Cleaning out to my home. They are always professional and great to work with. This week my daughter decided to color my carpet and couch with a highlighter; Matt and Steve saved the day. They always have my business.


Real Gentlemen

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When the Father & Son guys came to my house I was surprised to see three guys. They asked to see where my pet had accidents and then they went right to work. My daughters were watching them and they said the workers were very polite and worked well together. They overheard one of the guys ask the other guy if the stairs were part of the work order, the other guy said "no". But then they decided on their own to clean the stairs anyway because one of them said if they didn't the stairs would look too dirty compared to the freshly clean carpet. In the middle of the job I was in awe over how these guys transformed my carpet, they even cleaned my baseboards! They were real professional gentlemen. When they gave me the invoice they didn't even charge me for the stairs! It was a pleasure working with Father & Son carpet cleaning.


My experience

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Not a great experience. I scheduled a cleaning for 10 AM/11 AM Thursday. The day of the cleaning, no show, no call. I called them at 12 noon. The person said I was scheduled for 11 AM to 3 PM. I ask where that came from and did she realize I have waited all day long for them to arrive? When I originally called they gave me an estimate of $160 to $250. I questioned the range. She said it wouldn't be more than $250 and not less than $160. This was a 1,000 sq ft job with a stairway. Not complicated. I had the feeling the price would end up being the high end, not the low end. Gave it some thought and went with another outfit. They set a time and a price. I asked if the time was a "window"? They said nope. They would be there when scheduled and if late, would call. The price was about half what this outfit stated. Father and Son might be very good at what they do but I'll never know.


Awesome job!!!!

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This is the second time I have had Matt and Steve out to clean my carpets! The first time was great, an this time I called them for some drain water cleanup in the basement. I called today, they came out today, were fast and professional, an gave me a great price.No complaints, I plan on calling them again. Thanks, guys!


Rug Cleaning

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I have had Father & Son Carpet Cleaning come to my home twice. Both times my carpet looked great after Steve and Matt worked their magic! Since I have a large dog and cat my carpet was beginning to look old but after each cleaning my carpet looked new again. Thanks Steve and Matt at Father and Son Carpet Cleaning. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend!

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