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What would it take for YOU to be able to singREALLY sing with Confidence and freedom?

"I have helped children and adult singers from all around Utah go from being frustrated, to finally experiencing that phenomenal, life-transforming feeling of being able to express their singing voice with real confidence and freedom. I know that a big part of confidence in performing, comes from knowing that you are doing it right. When a student comes in for voice lessons at the FSFMA Voice Studio, we teach them how to REALLY sing, so that anyone that listens, knows that they've just heard something special!

We have a studio dedicated to singing lessons, located in Salt Lake City, UT. When you're ready to SING like you never knew you could, give us a call! Or Visit us at

Get your spot in the studio by calling (801) 663-0508

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I found the best voice teacher!

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The search for me as a singer was long and treacherous, THEN THERE WAS JOHN!!! From the first lesson with John, he read my voice like a book. He knew exactly what I needed and has been helping me reach my true potential. John has mastered working with my individual voice, rather than teaching "his technique." That is soooo rare to find in vocal coaching these days. Besides being a great teacher, he is just a model human being. ALWAYS positive and never judgmental. It can be very frustrating as a student to learn and understand the ways of the voice, but with John there is no pressure, just comfort and ease. I recommend him to ANYONE who either wants to learn the ways of their voice, and get them ready for an audition. I could go on forever saying all the reasons I love John and his work, but you would probably stop reading! Don't think about it, ACT ON IT!!! FSFMA is the way to go!!

I've never seen voice lessons quite like this before

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When I first went in, I can honestly I was expecting to have to sing an audition song, then go through it again, while the voice teacher would say sing louder, SING LOUDER! But not so, I went in to study, and the teacher showed me a few things about my voice, and we did some techniques. By the end of my lesson, I felt like I could sing anything! I have now been going for approx 2 months, and have been extremely satisfied with it. Which is why I took the time to write this review!