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Glen's Tires

(801) 972-8213

3368 S Redwood Rd
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

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Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 8:00pm

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Got great service and price on new tires

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I got great service and a really good price on new tires from Glen's in American Fork. First, I bought one used tire - a Michelin Pilot, very expensive new in my hard-to-find size, for $25 installed. Then I went back a few months later and bought two new Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires in my hard-to-find size for a great deal - cheaper than I could have done buying from Tire Rack and paying for installation. At the time of the second purchase I had a real problem with my lug nuts that had the metal covers move on me and these guys worked by hand for a while and got all the lug nuts off. These guys offered first-class personal service and care at great prices. I'll go back. to the others with bad experiences on used tires, I know how money can be tight, believe me, but try to buy new tires.


Ad on KSL

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I read the reviews on ksl.com and thanks to those who shared their experiences decided not to even bother with this company


To all the 1 Star Reviews...

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Was reading all the 1 star reviews for Glens. I have a thought. Buy new tires with a respectable warranty. Never buy used tires. Man up and pay for something that's important. Quit being such a cheapo and you are all a bunch of whiners!


Glens Ruined My Wheels

by on

I took my truck tires in to have these guys swap out the old ones. The guy that was taking off the wheel center cap ruined and cracked three out of four of them while using a tiny allen wrench. I had to show him to use a pipe for more leverage and they came right off but it was too late he had cracked 3 of 4 of them. When he got them off he said one of the lugs was stripped out from the person that put the tires on previous..FUNNY they were the ones that put my previous tires on...Now for an $80 tire mount I am out at least $300 to replace the cracked whell caps. I called three times and spoke to the owners wife and she did NOTHING about it and OFFERED NO RESOLUTION....HORRIBLE customer service..I will never go back to Glen's and I would Never recommend this place to anyone.


Won't go used again

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I got a pair of front tires put on my Alero about a year & a half ago for $70. Obviously I wasn't expecting much more than a good deal and something to pass a safety inspection. By the weekend one had gone flat, so luckly they replaced it. But in less than a year our car got shaky and has gotten worse over the months. I knew it was the tires, they didn't even last as long as the other older tires already on the car, tire position aside. When we got them replaced the cap had started to peel off one of them! Literally falling apart. I got the crappiest tires. They try to sell you crap and replace it with something better if you complain, hoping you won't care enough to. These guys did have good service, but I won't go used again. Firestone put 4 new ones on for $305, should've done that in the first place.

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