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Green Frog Cleaning uses a unique blend of technique (including Low Moisture), and Green cleaning solutions that no one else offers. This special combination works to surround the dirt and neutralize the oils in the carpet. It goes deeper than typical cleaning solutions, effectively preventing re-wicking and re-soiling. Keeping your carpets clean for a longer time in between cleanings.

Green Frog Cleaning offers quarterly and biannual maintenance schedules that provide you with peace of mind knowing that your floors are clean beyond the clean. Our Restorative PLUS service includes:-Low Moister Cleaning - 1000 sq.ft of carpet can be cleaned with only 3 -5 gallons of water!- We can safely remove up to 45% more soil than other cleaning methods-only 1-2 hour dry times - Even in the winter.(based on air flow)- All in One Step Cleaning Provides:. anti-wicking . anti-resoiling. deodorizing . disinfecting- Increased Security & Safety - No big, bulky hoses that prop doors open and create tripping hazards. Keeping your doors closed and secure. which means that you can clean your surfaces in the winter! Residential or Commercial!- Quiet Cleaning - We don't disturb your routine.- Green Cleaning Solutions are kid & pet safe!- Solutions contain colloidal silver which works hard to disinfect and sanitize by fighting viral and microbial organisms.

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SO Pleased!

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I needed someone to come soon to clean our rental property so our new renters could move in. Tim made time in his schedule the day I called him. He cleaned the carpets and power washed the garage, and did a great job on both-for an AMAZING price! The carpets are BEAUTIFUL and so clean! Tim is personable and great to work with. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this service to anyone!

Awesome Clean

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I had Tim come and clean my rental house carpets. The carpets are old and worn out, by the time he was done, they were clean and looked great. spots were gone that had been there for over 10 years. He also cleaned a white area rug that sparkled clean! I had him clean the tile in the main entry and the grout lines turned from brown to white. I loved how he used little water and the carpets were ready for me to walk on with little to no drying time. While he was there I had him clean my Bamboo Hardwood flooring. The floor shined! Thank you Green Frog Cleaning for being Green Eco Friendly and also getting my carpets and house clean and ready for my new tenants. I'm very happy and would recommend this company.

Amazing Job

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Had them come clean the carpets and the did an AMAZING job.

Such kindness

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My house was robbed and my carpets were vandalized we have no insurance.My house house was ruined my carpets were sick with urine and feces from the robbers.They came and cleaned my carpets for free! I didnt even ask them to they just called and came.Such kind people to do such a kind act.But not only 5 stars for the kindness but my carpets are AMAZING now like brand new. They did a WONDERFUL job and I would never let anyone but them touch my carpets it's truly amazing what they did.And my carpets are amazing now.Thank you Green Frog you helped my family more then you will ever know!!! The Butler family!!!

Remarkably clean

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Remarkably clean, hence the reason I am remarking about it. I would not recommend anyone to eat off of their carpet but if you do, I'd make sure they've been cleaned by Green Frog. This wasn't a normal steam or hot water clean up. This was something else, and the results were amazing!