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We have been doing this for over 25 years (we have the greying hair to prove it:)

We also don't send out a professional salesman to gain your trust, then send out a crew of underpaid amatuers to perform the work.

We are the guys who come out and "bid" your job, and the same guys that show up to do the great job you are expecting. No bait and switch here.

We also do the work of 5 men, doing this for so many years has made us so efficient that is seems super human what we accomplish in a day.

We are also, Brothers, and fancy ourselves consummate gentleman, locally, organically grown, and can transform your home or office into literally something out of "Better Homes/ Gardens" or "Architectural Digest".

The two of us work alone, keeping the quality high and have never had anything "walk off the job" since we quit using outside help years ago.

Don't wait until you sell your property to get that "make over" you always wanted, get it now, and enjoy the beauty of what your home or office can be.

We are experts, with straight, clean lines in transitional area's.

Do you need help with "colors" or accents? Glad to do it.

COMMERCIAL PAINTING?  We are always thousands of dollars less than our competitors on small commercial jobs.

Graduate of University of Utah

We service Park City, Salt Lake, Provo to Ogden. We are the guys that perform those multi colored, intricate detail exterior painting on old Victorian homes you see and admire. We are also expert at faux, and custom designs. Additionally, we pass on to you our wholesale prices on paint from **Sherwin Williams.

**But will apply any paint you prefer.

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Good work, but did not honor bid.

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While the work they did is beautiful and they were easy to work with, they did not stay true to the bid they originally gave us. They told us before they started that they were $100 over on materials, which we totally understood and agreed to. When all was said and done, even with the extra $100, we paid about $130 more than the original quote, which was quite a difference for finish work on 2 simple bedrooms. If you are going to hire them, make sure you get details on what the bid covers ahead of time so you don't run into this problem.

Owner response: We always give out labor bids only. Specifying the home/business owner to buy materials. This puts the burden of quality on the owner, and usually is received with gratitude at a marked savings, as we only way make money on our labor. We work hard for our money! We don't buy materials then mark them up like the normal way most contractors operate. I feel this is dishonest. If we wanted to make money on materials, we would open up a retail store to do so. Yes, materials went over the estimated cost. Using only the finest materials in an attempt to make the home owner happy, Obviously backfired! I am confused.We offered to refund out of labor wages $100. I feel terrible that we received this review, as we worked really hard, and charged the home owner much, much less than our usual labor rate, as it was a introductory work relationship.

Review of Gregory's Services

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Greg recently painted our entire home. The basement was being finished and the upstairs re-painted. He was kind, respectful and very amiable to work with. In addition we found him to be reasonably priced, dependable, knowledgeable and very good at what he does. We recommend him without reservation. Better yet, we trust him. Thanks, Greg!!!

Affordable and reliable

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I have a rental home and live out of the state. The home needed some serious touch-up painting so I asked Greg to go to the home and give me a detailed bid. He did that, and it was very detailed. We agreed upon a price and he did exactly what he said he would, and even a little more. It was truly a pleasure to work with someone so honest, forthright and dependable. I would recommend him 100%!

Wonderful Paint Service

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Gregory was a godsend. Gave us an estimate in a timely fashion and completed the job as promised. He did exactly what we asked for, presented us with options and honored our decisions. We will definitely request is services in the future and it is nice to know a painter we can count on!

Amazing result, very honest and affordable.

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Fantastic quality, efficiency, and professionalism. Gregory and Jeff just finished paint our huge upstairs. We had them paint 3 tones of top of the line Valspar. They did excellent work. I had several bids for this job. They came in over a $1,000 less than others and finished 4 days faster than other proposals. I am normally a do it yourself person. I am am very picky but lacked the time. They did a great job. I would highly recommend them and will have them back for other services. They do more than paint, but very impressive results. Thanks. Mike & Robynn S.

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