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New patient cleaning, exam and x-rays for ONLY $29.98!

Our Services Include:

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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2274 N Washington Blvd.

Suite 202

North Ogden, UT 84414

Interest-free financing available.

Hours of Operations

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

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Poor Service

by on

Went to have some teeth pulled and wish I hadn't . I had 11 teeth pulled in about one hour. I then went back and had one lower tooth pulled and it took 45 to 60 minutes just for the one. They finally realized the the tooth had hooked roots that they couldn't see in the poor xray they used. After about 35 minutes of pulling and prying and me going out of my mind with pain they split the tooth and it came out. They should of had a clear xray to see the tooth clearly before trying to remove it. I have left many messages to their office with no response. No follow up call as to how I'm healing. I'm supposed to have a final mold done for dentures . I'll try today and see if anyone will be there. I'ts been over 4 months now since I have heard from themm.

Pleased with my experience

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If it was appropriate to kiss your dentist I would! Dr Trey Parker has made my going to the dentist as much of an enjoyable experience as can be possible at the dentist. He is very easy to talk to and answers all of my questions. I have quite a lot of dental work to do and he makes me not dread it so much. All of the staff at Half Dental are very kind and make you feel like a friend, not just a patient. I always leave there laughing and pleased with my experience. thanks to Half Dental for keeping my smile intact in every way!

Very affordable and understanding

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Very affordable and understanding, I love the floss they give to you.

Personally, real nice and professional.

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Personally, real nice and professional.

The staff was very professional and friendly.

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The staff was very professional and friendly. I will certainly recommend this office to my friends!!

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