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Half Price Plumbing

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Serving Salt Lake, Utah County, Weber/Davis, St. George, Northern Utah, Park City, Uintah Basin, Central Utah, Price, Western Utah, South Eastern Utah areas

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I have been plumbing in Utah for almost twenty years. I offer highly skilled and qualified plumbing for a price that's fair and honest. I am licensed and insured. The best for less.

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I really don’t trust plumbers, but I had a leaky faucet and I need a plumber. I called Half Price Plumbing. Talked with Travis and he was very pleasant. He quoted me a price on the phone. He came out to the house the same day. He fixed my leaky faucet. And it was the price he quoted me. And he had to some extra work that he was not planning on. Would I use him again. Yes I will.

Did more damage than good.Buyer beware.

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I Read this guys reviews.Liked what I saw and had him come over to fix a leaky tap.We talked of other work that needed to be done and agreed to proceed.Big mistake.I think he writes his own good reviews. After he got there he cut out all the pipes and had forgot his wallet.I had to do a Lowes phone credit confirmatiom to get the materials he needed.After working till 10:30pm he turned the water on and it was like a water show in vegas.I got very upset and he bailed out leaving us with no water except what was leaking onto the carpet.We are still repairing the damage he did to the ceilings and carpet.Google this guy before you let him in your place.Check out his license(expired)and record.

This guy is a joke

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Travis shows up late to the appointment and gave me a bid. We set to begin job Monday morning at 9:00. I called him at 10:00 and he said he is lost even though he was just at my house two days earlier. He shows up totally drunk or on something bad. He couldn't walk strait and slurring speech. He could not remember what he was suppose to do. After explaining again we went to Lows to pick up parts. The job consist of installing a shower drain and shower valves. After hooking up the drain of 6' he said he will be back next day to install shower valves then he ask for half of his labor cost. I told him I'm a contractor too and wont be paid until the job is done. Further more I want to make sure he comes back to finish the job. He assured me he will come back the next day to finish up so I paid him half. I know better, It is now Thursday and he wont answer my calls and voice mail. I'm sure he can do good work if he can manage to remember what he is suppose to do and be professional.

Having a bad experience with this guy. Hope he makes it right.

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I should have known better when he didn't show up for the appt. It turns out I texted my address to the wrong number, but you would think he would have called. Instead, he just didn't show. Rescheduled and he convinced me we needed two new toilets after having problems with both toilets clogging even with the slightest amount of toilet paper. He said it was because of the age of the toilets and the build up of minerals in the hard water. He's the expert. We got two new toilets. One new toilet had a chipped lid. He said he would be in the area a few days later and would bring us a new lid. Later that day I noticed he cracked one of our tiles. Another tile has since cracked. In 12 yrs before the tile has been fine. I had to remind him three times about the chipped lid. He finally did come. He looked at the cracked tiles and said it was nothing he did. Then he brought the wrong size lid! 3 more reminders and he's still a no show and now our new toilets clog regularly.

Best Deal on KSL!

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I had these guys give me a bid on a basement bath finish and they were half the price of their nearest competitor. I was skeptical but found the quality to be excellent. My plumber for life. Highly recommended!!

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